Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Howdy y´all, from the Colombiaaaaaaaa

I hope all is well. I dont have much time today so im gonna update you on some little stuff and our stats here and have to write more next time. LETS ROLL

- 30 - 40 attendance weekly
- 7 active Melch Priesthood holders (this is real tough when we need people to accompany us to lessons with women because we can´t enter a house without a man over 18 yeras old there)
- chapel house thing, two stories, some classrooms, nice and cozy

- Belén: about 45 years old, real nice lady, super funny but also super prepared for the gospel. The elders here before were kinda teaching her daughter and then my first day here we met here more and she gained some interest and weve been teaching her. Her husband just got in a motorcycle accident (he was driving buzzed, like a dumb person) and is hurt kinda bad so we havent been able to teach her in a week or so, but we still pass by and talk. she really likes the church and the book of mormon and the gospel in general. Pray for her to complete her Apirl 27th baptismal date!
- William: about 40 years old. found him on the street here and dude has had some hard times with his parents dying and stuff and is ready for teh message. has attended church 2 times, including both sessions of conference on sunday (all 4 hours like a champ) but he is super busy during the week and never has his phone on so its gonna take a miracle to prep him for his baptismal date, also April 27th
- Jaider: about 22 years old. dating a less active lady, likes the teaching of the church and stuff but theyre living together and not married and he has some smoking problems hes working on quiting and stuff. but hes a real cool guy and we like talking with him and everything. his fiance is kinad nuts sometimes but shes friendly as well and likes us (i think? haha) they are planning to get married in ÇMay and he has a baptismal date for the 18th of May!

We have a few others who are really close to bapstismal dates and all, but its just a goal. the real thing is that they are learning and progressing. We are doing a lot of work to get the ball rolling in this city, there hasnt been a baptism since November. Pray for the work here!

- members/investigators who have seen spirits here: 3 (and some real sketchy stories too, man. crazy crazy stuff)
- we have a cute old man in the branch named Gabriel and he is like 60 or 70 but he comes to do visits with us sometimes (on his bike becasue theyre far - he is so precious) and he is the nicest and cutest old man ever. you can like help him with the tiniest thing and he´ll be like "thank you tahkn, so kind" and he always gives us fruit juice and lets us use his bathroom (cause our house is far from where most of our appointments are) whenver we leave he gives us this big "i hope you are good and everything goes well and the god blesses you" speech and its the best. He´s my favorite ever.
- we tried talking to our Italin landlord and giving him an italian Book of Mormon that we picked up in the Distribution Center by the temple one day and he was smoking at the time he goes (in mixed italian, spanish, and english) "NO NON NO NO. Jesus is a drug, church is a drug. I dont want that kind of drug, i like this kind of drug" afterwhich, he takes a biiiig deep breath of his cigarette and blows the air like in our face. It was sooo hard not to laugh. Idk rejections dont really make me feel bad, most of the time theyre jsut really funny.
- we rang a doorbell of a reference and a dude in a towel comes up to the door. he was real friendly adn really open to hearing our message. we talked for like 5 or 10 minutes, got his number and passed the reference to the other missionaries in Bogotá (where he lives). real nice guy, albeit in a towel.

Gotta go but I LOVE YOU ALL and i hope you are all happy and healthy. keep doing work and being good people and cool. PEACE 

Elder Prak (some of the people here have trouble with my name)

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