Tuesday, April 9, 2013


i picked up a yo yo from another missionary so thats the title this week. ahhhhh yeahhhhhh

WHATS UP??? (early apologies for my typos and stuff this week, the computer im using has a real bad keyboard and also the keyboard is a US keyboard and the computer thinks its a spanish one so its kinda confused and some of the buttons are in different places and all that jazz)
I hope lif is going well for eveyone and y`all are happy and healthy. I heard a tiny bit about the stuff going down in North Korea and a bit in the US with it all. STAY SAFE OR ILL GET MAD AT YOU.
Some real exciting stuff happened this past week, including but not limited to General Conference (which was BOMB as always, especially when you´re watching it with investigators next to you who have baptismal dates and the speaker says something super useful for them and you´re just like ahhhh yeahhhhh modern revelationnnnnn), lots of walking and talking, SPANISH, and teaching various things to people other than the gospel. 

This week, Elder Sanahuano and I helped teach a girl algebra (simplification of multitermed expressions or something like that, it was all in spanish). First I had to remember how to do the problems after not having taken a math class in about 3 years. then i had to solve the problems. then I had to try to teach it to her (aka to my comp). Then my comp would explain it again with better grammar and vocab. TRUE LIFE: she is real bad at math so it was really hard, like she was having trouble with stuff like dividing 10 by 2 and stuff. shes like 15 or something. it was fun though, I miss math and logic and stuff. a good refresher. Also I have taught my compa dn a lot of other people a bit of english. I am working a lot with my comp on pronunciation and accent. he has a decently large vocab and understands pretty well, but his pronunciation is rough and his accent is pretty thick. usually its just easier to understand when he speaks to me in spanish, but he wants to learn so we´re practicing. hes helping my a lot with my spanish so hopefully were gonna both be legit bilingual after our companionship is over.

Remember I said I was having a problem getting full and stuff? well i fuond a pretty killer solution: OATMEAL. I DO WORK on a massive bowl of oatmeal every morning and sometimes at night too before bed. Im still pretty hungry during the day sometimes, but we´re working it out. Im just slimming up my fat curves, right? Also fish and i are getting to have a real nice relationship. I eat fish a lot and while i wasnt a huge fan before my mission, with my hunger fish and i are getting to be real friendly together. I daresay i like fish now. Also, chicken foot soup. Thats a fun one. I couldnt do it my first time, it was too weird. I could like feel the chickens thoughts and stuff. but the second time I got it i was really hungry and now its all good. chicken feet are only mostly weird to eat now.

Conference was super cool and real nice. there were some money talks and the choirs were real nice too, since it was like the best quality music ive heard in the past two months. a real treat. Conference choir shout out to KIKI HENDERSON and CORTNEY BREWERTON, i totally flipped a biscuit when i say you guys on the tele. (also a bunch of other i saw around campus a lot but dont really know) but man was it cool to see you guys. also Richard G. Scott translates and prerecords his own talks and they play ithe recording during the conference instead of having a translator. STUD.(and did i hear steve lang get called as an area 70?)

i dont have any more time today but i love you all and hope youre all doing well and READ THE BOOK OF MORMON cause its awesome and especially the chapters with Alma and AMulek. killer missionaries, powerful teachers, and great lessons. Get all up on the Book of Mormon, its really really special. also the teachings of Alma to his son Helaman around chapter 36 to 38. Money.

Keep on keepin on!

Elder Pratt

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