Tuesday, June 11, 2013

3 months (almost down), wow im old

HOWDY yalls

Did you know having to tell people that you´re 20 years old feels weird? Cause its awful haha.

I hope all is well in your various parts of the world. Things here in Colombia are going well. A bit more exciting at times with the world soccer entrance trials things (i forget the name in English) and Colombia competing hard. They (or we because I'm Colombian now) have one of the best teams in Latin America and top 5 or 10 in the world. BOOOYAH. Its getting to be about time for me to stop being such a cheap person and buy myself a Latin American soccer jersey from the land of my mission like every person has done ever haha.

Life continues to be a crazy mix of experiences. From helping this guy with a realllllly bad drinking problem (and drugs and all that fun stuff) who wants to change his life to seeing fathers open up and join their wives in children in the investigation of the Gospel. Its pretty amazing to see the weight lifted off of people shoulders when they really learn about Jesus and what he can be for them. I don´t think I´ll ever get tired of teaching that and helping people feel that.

Oh yeah, remember that old crazy lady who yelled from her window "Un mono de los Estados Unidos!" (a blonde kid from the United States)? Welllllllll we passed by her house again and she was outside and yelled to me again and we said hi and were asking when we could come by to visit her family and she gets all creepy and says "Ahhhh the blonde kid from the United States. You are my boyfriend." And she said it totally calmly and looked me right in the eyes so we were like okay bye and walked away in missionary strides. It was maybe the most uncomfortable I have ever felt ever. Yay the life of a missionary.

Well I gotta go but I love you all and hope you are all doing great. Keep me and Zipaquirá in your prayers! We have transfers this next week so I could be emailing you from who knows where next time. But if I'm lucky Ill get another transfer here in Zipa to finish what I've started. I miss you all and you´re all cool! In the words of Lizzy Macguire, "You rock. Don´t ever change."

Elder Pratt

2 months in the fielddddddd

HEYYYYYY i hope all is well in the world up there. Life and the work in Zipa moves on. We were out hiking today for pday so im not left with too much time, but i got some cool photos of me in embarassing poses and allthat jazz so hopefully next week ill send them on over. 

- An investigator of ours turned to my comp during a lesson and asked, "Is he (me) always this happy?" so I responded, "Yes sir because the Gospel of Jesus Christ maeks me happy and seeing you progress in it makes me happy." BOOM roasted
- My comp and I (and the whole church) got accused of idolatry because the copies of the Book of Mormon that we pass out have a picture of Jesus in them. Imagine how that next convo with this person went. Then imagine it worse, with more misunderstand and baseless accusations. Yeah thats about how it was.
- When we were walking in the street one time, a small child of about 7 years pointed at me and yelled "Mire, un gringo!" (Look, a white guy)
- A small crazy old lady yelled from her second story window as we walked by, "Un mono de los Estados Unidos!" Then we went to talk to her and yes, she was in fact crazy.
- We found this lady who is dating this super good mormon guy and she knows a lot about the church and wants to get baptized ahhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh
- I am a hair cutting beast, 3 of the 4 people living in our house are proudly sporting haircuts by me (including myself)
- Of the other companionship here that works here in Zipa with us, one is like a copy of Kyle Pratt and I think ive already said it but the more time i spend with him the more clear it gets and it is amazing and I love him (both of them)

Wellllllll thats about all. I love you and I miss you all! Read Alma 7 cause ity might be my favorite chapter in the Book of Mormon and its beautiful. Also Alma 36. Thanks for all the support and love and prayers sent my way!

Un mono de los Estados Unidos
Elder Pratt

I was gonna title this email Catching Fire but then I didn´t wanna quote the book cause thats a bit illegal


The past two weeks have been CRAZY and so much has happened. Like all extremes of the missionary life. We had to help a less-active family through the death of a child (4-year-old kid contracted a meningitis virus in his ear), got dropped by one of our most progressing investigators (Gloria), saw another one of our most progressing investigators lose his job and decide to not get married or separate from his woman, and some general missionary stomach issues. That said, we also saw Belén get baptized and confirmed, her 19-year-old daughter just about change and get baptized right after cause she felt the spirit so strong (she didn't, but we she does have a baptismal date for the 15 of June and is awesome), re-found an investigator that we lost contact with about 2 months ago and he is reading the Book of Mormon and suuuuuuper prepared (also has a date for the 15 of June), and found some awesome new people to teach. Crazy crazy stuff. But life and the work goes on!

Like I said, Belén´s baptism was super awesome. She is a real awesome lady and she is getting super pumped about the church and preaching to her kids. She has no fear in telling her kids (ages 21, 19, 17, and 7) whats up and her husband too. She is already a super good example and has been testifying to the investigators we bring to church! She is a powerhouse and treats us like her own kids. I love it. Her 7-year-old daughter Laura, who always joins her at church and stuff and is around when we visit Belén, usually calls me "Mono" (Blonde or Blonde-y or however you spell that) or "Padrino" (Godfather) and says she´s wants to get baptized but won´t unless I do it. Too bad she turns 8 on September 30th. I am gonna try to get her to change her mind about the me part of that decision haha.

Sorry I´m short on time again, but just remember that I love you all and keep me and my investigators in your prayers. Hopefully in a few more weeks, we´ll get to see a few more people in white. Hurrah for Israel!!

Mono Padrino,
Elder Pratt


Got no time to write but I got nothing to say cause this pic says it all BOOM
I guess I should probably say that that is Belén and her daughters Leidy on the right and Laura in the front. She was baptized and I got to participate. Good times, yo. I also got to sing at the baptism which was fun. Better times. BOOM.