Saturday, October 11, 2014


TIME FOR........................

qUICK sTORIES!!!!!!!!!

SO this week I was trying to teach my comp to say 3 Nephi 5:13 in English. He was doing awesome until had a hard time pronouncing the last part and said, "... that they might have everlaughing life" YES!

SO this week I successfully performed tick removing surgery (with tis head) on of Elder Bentley´s arm with a safety pin and tweezers. We got the head and all YES!!

SO Conference was OUT FO CONTROL GOOD I just loved sooo many of the talks. Man I love conference. Also, the best parts were when they spoke in their native spanish!!!! Off the top of my head I remember Robbins, Christensen, Christofferson, Pres Monson, Uchtdorf, McConkie, and others who I don´t remember off the top of my head. It was the bomb! Also I loved how much they talked about the importance of a prophet and what it really means to sustain a leader. Great stuff. YES!!!

Thanks for tuning in, this has been a new episode of........  qUICK sTORIES!!!!

Elder Pratt loves you.



I totally didn´t ave anytime to connect to internet last week and read and write but its okay because HERE I AM!

My life was so crazy last week because WE HAD TRANSFERSSSSSSS So TIME FOR THE BIG NEWSSSSs----------

My son, Elder Gonzales, left for Cúcuta and I am staying here in Yopal wiiiiiiith

ELDER ANGULO!!!!!! He is also my son. Preeeeetty cool stuff.  He is from Ecuador, tall, suuuuper pumped and active which is the best, and the bomb. We are going crazy already here in Yopal inviting EVERYONE to be baptized and its been the greatest.

Things here in Yopal are GREAT. We moved out of the super ugly terribel house and got into a new, pretty and nice house, we are working super well, and the people are progressing. I am short on time again (always) so I can´t tell many stories, but just know taht like 4 people this past week have had their prayers answered in dreams and signs and now know the church is true and want to get baptized, so yeah, pretty cool stuff I guess.


The other pic that you are getting here is of a real barbacue here in Yopal. None of that week stuff with grills and small pieces of meat, we are talking full animals killed, cut, and  put in the ground with big metal sticks and cooked in a circle with fire. THAT is how to have a barbecue here in Yopal. THAT is how we eat at parties here. also potatoes and guacamole and firey hot sauce. I LOVE LIFE

Estoooooo I have no time left .I am the wrost ever, I am sorry. but next week we´ll see if I send a surprise! probs not, I will probably not have any time to do it but whatever. IJust don´t get our hopse up too much hahaha


(clever title)


This week was super cool. Like really hard for some stuff that went down, but super fun. On saturday, we had a conference in Sogamoso with our mission president which was AWESOME. On Friday afternoon we had to get on the bus and travel there (that was the worst ever. 5 hours on a suuuuuper windy, unpaved road.............) with a super cool view the whole way there and it was awesome to get there, see some buddies, and then have the conference the next morning. President Andelin is so cool, my life is the best ever. Then in the afternoon on Saturday we got on the bus to go back (TORTURE SO MUCH TORTURE) and we got home late. It was a killer weekend. WE had some really great investigators at church and it was a just a good day. Now that I go back and think about it, actually a crazy amount of really awful things happened and I could be super bummed right now, but I dunno I just feel in a super good mood. Maybe it is because I ate a hamburger with beef and chicken on it today.... who knows....

PRO TIP say please and thank you. Please do it. Thank you for doing it.

I LIKE TO TAKE PICTURES I have this thing that I take a crazy amount of pictures and go suuuper hard with my cam sometimes and people like make fun of me and are like woah bro you are a nut and I am like dude its better to delete extra pictures or have too many than be like oh snap I with I would´ve taken a pic of that man I am so dumb. And they just laugh and laught and make jokes, then the next day they are like bro can you lend me your memory card so I can copy those pictures and I am like hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yeah. 

OTHER PRO TIP start your conference prep now. we all know what happens wen we delay the day of our repentance...... I AM SO EXCITEDDDDDDD

wellllll I have to go so I will have to stop this letter. PEACE OUT

Elder Frackt!!! (that is what this guy said in Elder´s Quorum on Sunday when he called on me to answer a question. cool.)


I am so sorry to everyone that I have neglected thes weeks. My life is just crazy sometimes and I have no time for anything, but I will try to write a bit more this week.

Soooo much has happened in these weeks with the people here in Yopal. We have seen some families spilt up, a lady get in a huge family fight and run away 5 days before her baptism, investigatores who have just had amazingly terrrible things happen to them, and even a few ugly dog bites (don´t worry mom, i didn´t get bit hahaha). But We have seeen sooo many miracles. It has been amazsing how we have seen the Lord´s hand in our lives and in the work here. I am just loving life in Yopal. Well, if we had clean water here I might like it a bit more, but it´s all good ahha.

Last week, we got invited by some members to go to a huge barbecue for the birthday of a few members and to celebrate the baby blessing of a super cool family here. It was awesome because it was huge and it was a great opportunity to meet a lot of friends who aren´t members and a lot fo new people. We met this super great family that we are going to visit of wednesday.  I am super pumped! Best of all (jk but almost), It was a real legit llanero barbecue. Yopal is famous for its barbecues and this one was for real. They make a circle of tall rods of meat called chusos (the pic I sent) and they start a big fire in the middle and the meat just come sout amazing. Also, they had a llanero band there which was sooo sweet. They were super fun and I took some videos AHHH YEAHHHH because life is the best.

These past weeks, we also painted a house, got a super great couple to finally come to church and they loved it (and they are super pumped for their baptisms comming up!), had more choir practices for the upcoming branch conference (it is getting actually better I am stoked), had some baptismal services, met soooo many new people, had interviews with President, and are basically rocking Yopal. The culture here is so cool and rich and I just love it so much. Oh yeah, and dog bite drama. They couldn´t get the rabies vaccine here so they had to go to Bogotá in bus (9 hours there, nine hours backkkkkk). My comp and I got to stay in yopal though. loserssssssss

Dude so in Colombia, like everyone and their mom has a like sowing place where they will taper pants and do all kinds of stuff for like super cheap. It is awesome and like alwasy turnes out super good and they are really freindly and do it well and its great. BUT. Everytime you do it in a new place, it is a bit of a dice roll, but you jsut go for it. Man I got WORKED this past week. I gave the lady a pair of pants to taper them a bit, we measured and decided everything, good to go. Listo. she take my pants and says tomorrow morning they´ll be ready. Perfect. So I go the next day and I look at them and I was like woah it looks lik you took them in a lot, right? and she told me the measuremetn and I was like WHAT????? that is 3 centimeters LESS than what we talked about, they were like super tight. and she had already cut the leg and everything. then I held the hem of the pant and looked at it and held the tow legs together and they were DIFFERENCE and a whole centimeter or two different and was liek ummmmmmmm WHAT DID YOU DO why did you do this to me and she was like oh um well normal I´ll fix that and I was like no cool don´t worry about it and I peaced out so she wouldn´t ruin them anymore. AWESOME THANKS LADY like now I have to take them to someone else and see what they can do to fix them. I put them on after and its suuuper noticeable that the legs are different widths and stuff. I don´t wanna judge or anything but I really like ahve a big of hatred in my heart for this lady now, but it´s okay, it is a good way for me to learn more about forgiveness I guess. I wish God would have given me a different test, but it´s like chill. that´s what I get for trying to get my pants hemmed for less that 3 dollars.

Listen to this song from the EFY cds form a super awesome guy who I saw in some shows before I came out. He is a stud. Look him up for his secular music too, it is super good. This song has a killer message. Ryan Innes

I love you all!!!!!1234ideclareathumbwar

Elder Praft

I am a bad person.

I swear so many emergencies come up every week so I don´t write a decent letter and send pics. Weird stuff always happens. Like today, one of our buddies got bit by a dog and in the hospital they didn´t do anything nor give him anything, so I have to go brush off my first aid skills and wash the wound well (people jsut don´t know how to do it here...) while we wait for him to get a rabies shot. GOOD TIMES

also leading a choir of people who have never sung before is hard, but super gratifying when you make progress. It is going preeeetty well here adn we are just hoping to have it ready for the conference in 2 weeks! I think we are crazy!

soooo My life is good, we are working hard, and Elder Bentley probs doesn´t have rabies.
I love Colombia!!!!!

Elder Pratt

my life in a box


Islena is going to get baptized this week! She told us a super cool story about how she was living in this little pueblo and feeling super far away from God and any good churches and lost. She took the decision to fast (a full 24 hour fast) and pray for help. The next day, she got on a bus to visit some friends in another pueblo called Villavicencio. There, she took an on-the-fly decision to visit her sister in a far away city called Yopal, even though her friends in Villavicencio called her crazy. She got on the bus, she came to Yopal, she got to her sister´s house, and a half hour later, we knocked on the door because of the appointment we had planned with her sister´s family and had our first appointment. That was a month and a half ago and now she is gettign baptized this Saturday! It is amazing how God guided her here. We are all pumped up!

Today we were walking in the street and saw a pair of policemen facing up against a crazy dude who was drugged up. The crazy dude was like taunting one of teh cops, who was holding a beat stick. The cop looked at the stick, threw it away in the grass, and looked the crazy guy in the eyes. The crazy guy yelled and the cop ran up and just took him down bare-handed. Sometimes, I want to change life plans and be a cop, I bet it would be fun sometimes ahah.


Being a missionary is the bomb. Spanish is cool. Rice is more common than clean water.

Elder Pratt


- Iguana hunting is the best
- In this past week, I have taught 12 hours of English classes to all types of levels, from braaaaand new to decently advanced. Pretty gnarly. (The "why" is a loooong story. to be short, an investigator who has an English institute and all of the teachesr peaced out for like crazy lame reasons, so we are helping in the mean time.)
- We are making a choir in the Yopal branch! It is super fun but hard because like nobody here reads music or has ever sung in a choir ever. But it is fun. Also, music ahs like a whooooooole set of vocab that is different and I don´t have much practice with it, but it´s cool. I am learning a lot too! (but pleeeeease pray for us!)
- MTV´s "Teen Mom" has got nothing on Colombia..
- So far here in Yopal, we have had a looot of success in finding people to teach. there are a lot fo people who are ready to hear us and want to listen and change their lives, but the trouble is getting them to act. They want to and talk and commit themselve to do things, but then they don´t act in the end and it can be kind of had. We have to work really hard to gives them priorities so tehy do the little stuff, like go to church, read the scriptures, and pray. But, when they start up, it is awesome. We have been reading the Book of Mormon with Islena every day and she is super pumped up and learning a lot. We are really happy for her and trying to keep her going and help prepare her for her baptism! She is pumped!

This has been another edition of SPEED LETTER. THANKS FOR WATCHING!

Elder Pratt loves you. BELIEVE IT


PUES I have soooo many things I want to say this week, we will see how it goes. BULLET POINT LETTER TO THE RESCUE!!!

- We taught a 4-generation Adventist and it was like a crazy cool experience. She is super nice and friendly and was totally open to listen adn share thoughts and is reading the Book of Mormon. BOOM SHAKALAKA
- This week, one of our investigators asked us, "Hey would it be alright if you guys came by everyday in the early afternoon to read a chapter of the Book of Mormon together at the next-door nieghbors house (who is a member)?" It was tough, but I was able to say, "Yes," without crying in front of her. We have been reading and it is so awesome. COOL BEANS
- There is this recently-rescued member here who lives in our area. She was inactive for like 6 years then just felt the desire to go back to church one day about 3 months ago. Now, she gives us references, goes to appointments, gives CRAZY POWERFUL testimonies in the appointments, and is serving in the chapel. Her testimony of the gospel has pumped her up so much it is like the best thing ever
- WEIRD COMPANION FILES: When he showers, my comp told me thst he rinses his body, puts on soap, then dries off. He doesn´t rinse the soap off of his body. I worked for a solid like 10 minutes trying to convince him that that is not normal, but he just won´t take it. Whatever.

JESUS WANTS ME FOR A SUNBEAM is totally a powerful song. For real. think about it. Jesus wants me to be so happy and shining that I shine for otehr people and lift them up too. Pretty cool. Just go be a sunbeam, alright?

Sometimes, it is frustrating when you hae astory you want to tell, but then you have to type it and it is long and you get frustrated. SHORT VERSION: This lady had the CRAZIEST answer-to-her-prayer-in-an-appointment experience with us the other day. Prayer on knees, crazy leg cramp, yelling of the name of the Savior in pain, pray harder, super powerful feeling of calm, stood up and before we could comment said, "I know that this is the true church." I totally openly cried that time, it was an out of control moment (in every context).

Well. Sorry if you have written me letters and I haven´t responded. I read them, I jsut feel like they deserve better responses sometimes and I just don´t have time. I will do0 me best to plan better!


Elder Prrrrrrack!



- We had a conference with President this week THAT WAS AMAZING and we talked a lot about inspired questions and IT WAS AMAZING and now I feel like I can be a better teacher and we put it in practice and it was the bomb and IT WAS AMAZING. I LOVE PRESIDENT ANDELIN
- In Latin America, the change the name of Master Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Master Rat. LAAAAME
- WE WENT TO A FARM and it was SO COOL because it had like crazy cool animals and they are all like exotic for us gringos (like toucans and parrots and iguanas and parakeets and capybaries and flamingo-meets-chicken and EVERYTHING) but the thing is the guy caught them all here just like close by like no big deal. I LOVE COLOMBIA
- Here in the Llano, it is like what would be a southern town. The older people here are like cowboys and super legit and they have leather-everything and wear boots and bit hats and listen to cool music. Look up the música llanera and it is all stringy adn super boss
- SO MANY INVESTIGATORS WENT TO CHURCH AND IT WAS SOOO COOL they had like a great time and went from like kind of maybe listening to us to like oh snap this stuff could be for real. Man, I just ove being a missionary it is so gratifying.
- I got to teach a group from the ward how to lead music for real because like nobody knows here and it was fun and I realized that all of my years in choir weren´t totally wasted hahaha
- (other random comment about how my life is weird but cool)


Please get this Nacho Libre reference:

Elder Prrrrack!

el fin se acerca y hay poco tiempo

I HAVE NO TIME and there is a little chubby kid leaning on my chair in the internet café. LIFE IS GOOD.

Wellllllllllllll this week was crazy weird. We were having a super good week but them some stuff was gong down in the city so we had to wait it out for a while and couldn´t work normal which was a bummer, but everything is normal now so we are gonna turn it up again. 

During the downtime, I got talking with another Elder and we starting remembering the movies Sister Act. Man, those movies are so good it makes me just have one of those awkward loner smiles here in this internet cafe thinking about them.


We had the really cool experience this week of hearing a bit more about the story of a less active kid. He is 18 and got baptized with his family about a year ago, but was super disanimated and didn´t want to go to church, was gonna go to the army, and just kinda throw it all away. When we got here a few weeks ago, we were able to meet him and have a few little appointments and good stuff. We found out that he was doing pretty bad, even had some restrictions of stuff he couldn´t do in church and stuff. So we got talking and teaching and he showed up at church our first Sunday in a t-shirt and jeans. Then we had a few more appointments, and the next week he showed up in a collared buttoned shirt. Last week when we were visiting him, he said that the week before, he felt something in the chapel that he had never felt before. He picked up the Book of Mormon and started reading and in two days was in 2 Nephi. He threw his plans away to go to the army and now he is talking to the leadership in the area to make the arrangements to go on a mission! Yesterday, he went to church in a white shirt and nice pants! Pray for Brayan so he can keep up these changes he is making in his life!

Clarity is soooo important. Too often, we dance around things and don´t say what we mean. Clarity and love are soooooo important if you want to help someone makes changes in their life. Try it out.

If you have sent me personal letters and I didn´t respond, just know that it´s not you, it´s me. Don´t make this harder than it has to be. It just wasn´t our moment, it was just bad timing, and all the other breakup excuses haha.

I HAVE NO TIIIIIIME but I do have LOVE for y´alls. Yeah.

Elder Pratt


(shout out to queen)

As I begin this letter, I am making an outline so I don´t forget anything. I hope I don´t leave anything out of my outline...

-Stats of the city of Yopal:
The city is hot. Hot is the city. It is hot here. I feel much heat. Hot. 
Today I started sweating when I put clothes on at 8 in the morning.
We are in winter here, I it is HOT. This week it rained like sooooo much (like you are walking in the street in the sun, its not raining, and then 5 mintues later you are soaking wet) and then all of the sudden it just stopped raining like 2 days ago and they say that summer is going to start. In August, it just starts getting really hot and really windy. Like between 90 and 120 degrees every day. And it is humid here. (Emperor´s New Groove reference on the way) Sharp rocks at the bottom? Most likely.          Bring it on.                  BOOYAHAHHAHA OOOOOOO
I love it here. The heat is crazy but the people are AMAZING. SO AMAZING. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY HERE

-Stats of Yopal´s branch:
Yopal is a branch because there aren´t enough groups of members to have a stake, so it pertains to the mission. The attendance in these past weeks has been about 150, but in the past it had also been closer to 200. WE ARE GONNA MAKE IT BLOW UP. The Branchj President is a STUD and I am so happy to work alongside him in Yopal. The members here are super pumped to help the missionaries and life is great!

THIS WEEK WE MET SO MANY NEW PEOPLE. We are just finding people all over the place. We are trying to focus our work in a specific part of our area to take advantage of the time and not waste it walking or doing dumb things. The specific part is smaller than mile square park and we have like 15 super amazing families there. The problem here is getting them to go to church and getting them married. It is our focus right now with them. The work here in Yopal is going great. Our district is made up of the 4 companionships in the branch and we are just seeing miracles!

-D&C 27:2 (the first lines) gets put in practice in Yopal:
wafer cookies

-Showering with a bucket of cold water:
our water goes out for like days at a time here. We buy big bags of water and shower with that. It was weird at first but now its pretty cool. We totally save water ahhaha.

Sometimes, mission rules can be hard. Like this morning there was a guy here who was in a pretty critical state and they needed to send him to Bogotá to the hospitals there, but he couldn´t make it without a blood transfusion of O positive. I have O positive, but I can´t donate blood as a missionary here. It was a bummer, but a member stepped up and made it happen. God had it all planned and prepared, but it still was sad that I couldn´t help. 

Help the missionaries! They will feel happy and love you! Trust me!

Elder Pratt


AHhhhhhhhh! MY NEW LIFE!!!

I am here in Yopal, where it is SOO HOT but awesome. It is actually wintertime here right now so it rains like everyday and when it rains here it RAINS. Like it rains for like a half hour or hour and just floods the whole world. It is the best ever. Desert storms and the most releaving thing on hot days ahahha. But life here is great. Alos,  I AM WITH MY SON!!!! His name is Elder Gonzales, he is 21, from Cochabamba, Bolivia, and also is the bomb. We are having a blast here and working super hard. We are opening a new area here so we have a lot of work to do, but it is a blast and we have been soo blessed. We have seen so many miracles in these days it is just crazy. We have some amazing families that we are teaching and they just fell into our hands and are just soo prepared and open to our message. I love being a missionary!!!

This week we met a less-active lady who is the coolest and just had a baby and totally wants to return to church and it was the best! We found her looking through the ward list and visitng random people from it in our area. It was the best! Also, I was able to convince her that I was Colombian and she believed me! I love this country!

Yopal is so hot. Like so hot. Like sweat-while-calmly-standing-in-the-shade hot. And if you know me, I I don´t like that. But its whatever, I am totally getting used to it and I think my sweat it turning into jsut like water. Probably purer water than the water that comes out of the faucet here. But it´s chill. I just get really thirsty hahah.

Yogurt is the best! I never did but now I do! It is the best. Hunger and thirst can be quenched at once!

With the slow internet, time flies but just know world that God is the best and always blesses us, but we have to open our eyes to see the blessings we have. For example, this internet cafe is super slow, but the computer has Windows 7 and virus protection! Two rare things! God loves me so much! Okay that was a dumb example but like for real they are like big deals for nerd Elder Pratt. Just deal with it.

Right now we have to go put some baptismal dates with some news super amazing families we have. I love everything!

Elder Pratt


COLOMBIA CLASIFICÓ PARA LA PRÓXIMA RONDA DE MUNDIAL. VAMOS A GANAR. The United States of America almost assured their place in the second round, but we´ll see what happens in a few days. It is crazy how interesting the World Cup is when you can´t watch the games ahha. The people here get sooooo crazy during the games, and when Colombia plays, they shut down a lot of the city. Like it is illegal to sell alcohol here during the games because people jsut get so crazy. After Colombia won the first game, 9 people died in another part of Bogotá. They were all Colombias happy and celebrating, but then just got out of control and killed each other. Crazy stuff, yo. But it´s all good, I guess. Nothing too crazy has gone down in our zone. Just a looooot of parties. 

Poetic grafitti quote of the week:  
"They can cut down the flowers, but they will never stop the Spring."
Deep stuff, man.

So among all of the dodging of games and looking for people who don´t like soccer so we can teach the Gospel, We totally found some super cool people. We got to talk to a few old investigators who hadn´t been progressing so we had left them a long while back. We even got to take one of them to a baptismal service which was an awesome experience. He is a lot more excited now to hear us and ready to start progressing! Pray for Wilmer!

Ward Council quote of the week:
Bishop: "Laziness is the mother of all vices!"
Elders´ Quorum President: "But it is a mom, so you better respect her!"
(silent applause)

So this week, we were singing a hymn, and as you might now, music theory and ear-training aren´t the same here like in the US or in other places. Sometimes half of the group starts in one key, and another half in a nother key and usually somebody gives in to those who are singing louder and everything gets back to normal. A miracle happened this past week, the two sides didn´t find an agreement, both singing louder trying to win until the whole song was sung with the two groups in a tritone. My eye started to twitch.

I LOVE TO SEE THE TEMPLE, I WENT THERE TODAY. I FELT THE HOLY SPIRIT, I LISTENED AND I PRAYED. and it was awesome. so. awesome. sooo. awesome.

MY LIFE IS THE BEST LIFE OF ALL THE LIFES THAT HAVE EVER BEEN LIVED. Also I am not very good at playing soccer.But I am becoming a professional recorder player. I think I´m gonna have to schedule some gigs when I get home to make some CA$H MON3Y.


.sdrawkcab daer nac ttarP redlE 


Elder Pratt

My nail fell off

My nail fell off. I thought about sending a pic, but then I thought better. It would be just tooooo weird. 

Wellllllll howdy folks!


Seeing as I just sent an email liek 3 days ago, I don´t really have many new things to say. Libia got baptized, we had an awesome conference with our mission president, and other little baby things. It has been a crazy few weeks but they have been really great. I am learning sooooo much about everything. I feel like I am just having so many little experiences that are going to serve a LOT in my future life. I guess that´s one of the big blessings of being out here. These are lessons that I can learn here and now or maybe in some other time in the next 20 years and in much scarier cases. I am so happy to be out here.

Sometimes this silly thing happens where people don´t want to be obedient to mission rules (and like super big and important rules), you sit them down and tell them straight up as a friend that it can´t keep going and if it does, you are going to tell the president. They say okay and it won´t happen again, and the they keep doing it and get really mad at you when you tell President. Then they do it again and get mad at you. They send you angry text messages like a 14 year old girl and when you call them to try to talk it out, they ignore your calls and send more angry messages, talking about how they "don´t want any drama." It is interesting. I wish that kind of stuff wouldn´t happen, because it is like a joke. I find strength in the motto, "Don´t be an idiot."

Last week in one of the conferences with our mission president and his wife, his wife was talking about some stuff and totally made a reference to Galaxy Quest, saying, "Never give up. Never surrender. " I just about fell on the floor laughing (which totally happens sometimes. my comp makes fun of me.). Our mission president and his wife are the BOMB.

MUNDIAL EMPEZÓ LA SEMANA PASADA Y VA A SER TERRIBLE!!! tODO EL MUNDO SE EMBORRACHA Y CASI NADIE NOS ESCUCHA DURANTE LOS PARTIDOS. En secreto espero que Colombia no gane muchos partidos para que no estemos en esta vaina más tiempo. Pero, fue super chévere que pudiéramos ganar el primer partido el otro día. COLOMBIA ERES MI AMOR. Tengo un anillo de la bandera de Colombia y las personas en la calle son más receptivas al ver ésto. BOOM

Con mucho amor, 

Elmer Brack

Hey, everybody!

We had a weird week this week and on Monday we worked and had a super awesome conference with like 3 people from the Quorums of the Seventy (Elder Clayton, Presidency of the 70; Elder Uceda, Area President; Elder Camargo) which was amazing. Wednesday was our Zone meeting , which was probably my last one here in Suba (since they will probably transfer me soon since I´ve been here for almost 6 months), which was sad but fun. We had a good time and learned a lot. Today was super pday, where all of the missionaries who were in Bogotá (about 100) got together and we played sports all morning and had a mini conference with our mission president. We watched a movie called Ephraim´s Rescue and it was EXCELLENT. Tomorrow we have another conference with president in the morning. Then, in the afternoon, we have a baptism. Yeah, it´s basically a super hard core week. Basically the best ever.
Last week, we heard some bad news as a mission. Elder Galleguillos, my second comp, got hit by a car on a big street and was in preeeetty bad shape. Then like a thousand miracles happened and he left the hospital the next day with just a broken collar-bone, a broken vertebrae in his neck, and a bit of short-term memory loss. He has to go home to recover, but if all goes well, he will be back here in 2 months. He was doing super well and working really hard. He actually was also training a new missionary! (I have a grandson!!!) We are praying a lot so his therapy goes well and he can be out of the wheelchair and back here soon!

My life is pretty cool. 

The other day I read the talk that Elder Uchtdorf gave last conference about living with a thankful heart. I am trying to do that better. Sometimes lame stuff happens but life for real is just a blast. It is amazing the peace and happiness I feel in life as I try to live the gospel. It is just great. I have so much to be thankful for. (insert emoticon happy face)

I realized I haven´t put any caps in this email. That´s not very like me. BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. That´s better. 


Elder Pratt

Monday, June 9, 2014

I ate french toast this morning and It was delicious

Howdy, peoplesss. How is life? Mine is fancy. It gets super cooler all the time. We just have so many weird experiences as missionaries, also a ridiculous amount of crazy spiritural ones. Out here, I have learned that God really does answer prayers. He waits for us to have the right amount of faith and obedience to answer them, but He always answers. I have been trying to be more ready to receive those answers lately and it is pretty amazing. It just brings a lot peace to my heart and my mind. It makes me feel calm and happy in moments of distress and confusion. It is wonderful.
This week I got to move around a bit more than usual and be in a few different areas and work with different missionaries and meet new people and it was just great. I love how the Lord just fill us up and gives us what we need to help other people when they are having hard times and need a lift. We got to have lots of experiences like that this week.

But, like always, some reaaaaaaaaally funny ones. Like when a rocker dude spat on me. Like when, in a part of the city, we saw a big truck full of goats on the side of the road that were being along with their milk, and fresh. Like when I met a guy from New Zealand and he told me about his interesting life of being a journeyman and just traveling the world. Like when we had a huuuge stake primary activity with a bunch of investigators and it was CRAZY and also super fun. Just like some awesome stuff ahhaha. My life totally rocks.

I have to go but keep having a cool life and try to have a great dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy always. Also listen to the mormon tabernacle choir and love them. Also the piano. I LOVE YOU ALLLLL

I get bored of signing my name the same every time.

Elderous Pratticus


We had transfers today but I am staying in Suba! I have been here for a bit more than 4 months and I should be here for another month and a half. I am so pumped!

Sometimes, after being a missionary for a long time, you think you have just seen it all. When you start to think that, God shows you that you are very mistaken. This past Sunday, I was feeling pretty comfortable, but the Big Guy made sure to let me know that up until that point, I had never had one of our invited guests to the chapel have an epileptic seisure. So yeah, basically I am thankful for the first aid merit badge and my sometimes dependable memory. Thanks to our good buddy the Holy Ghost, I was able to remember what I needed to remember and everything turned out juuuust fine (why, yes of course the Holy Ghost reminded me, haven´t you read John 14:26?). Good times haha. 

A young man from our ward got his mission call this past week, Mexico Mexico City North. He comes to appointments with us when he can and is going to be an excellent missionary. We are so pumped for Felipe!

This week, for the first time in my life, I lost my wallet. It was kinda a bummer. It just had stuff that can get replaced, like my temple recommend, my 
ID card from Colombia, and a bus card, but other stuff that can´t, like a usb drive (I have almost everything backed up though so it´s okay) and some money. Kinda a bummer. I think I left it in a taxi at night and we had contacted the taxi driver so I had his phone number and we called him the next morning and he said that I hadn´t left anything there. hmmmmmmmm not sure if I believe him or if someone else just found it first. Oh well, life goes on haha.

WORLD: If you have not, watch this video. If you have, watch it again. plz.
(If the link doesn´t work, it is the video of "I´ll Go Where You Want Me to Go")

Please do these things. Please. It makes allll the difference in the world, it really does.

I love everyone in the whole wide world, except for the man (or woman, let´s not be sexist here) who invented food that makes you feel sick. Also slow internet.


My second Mother´s Day as a missionary

I feel oldishly young.


Anyway anyway, this week was super cool. I feel like I basically have told all my stories of the week because yesterday I talked to my fam, but then like 3 crazy things have happened in the past 24 hours that changed everything. Venga le cuento.

YESTERDAY AFTERNOON, we went to visit this familiy and they have this super old grandma. Like super old. she can´t hear or anything and doesn´t have teeth and nobody can like understand her, but sometimes she just gets excited when we come and sits with us and starts smiling and nodding. It is really sweet. But yesterday, it just got crazy because she  sometimes gets excited with visitors and jsut wants to talk and nobody, I mean nobody, can make her stop talking. She just started talking and talking and talking and nor my comp nor I could understand. But everyone is just used to talking oever her, so we taught the lesson with her chatting along. They say she jsut sits down adn starts telling us like all these crazy historical natural remedies for sicknesses and stuff that she has learned over the generations, which is basically the coolest thing ever, but we had to give the lesson instead of taking notes this time. It actually turned out to be a pretty great lesson. They family really felt the Spirit and is progressing. Good times.

LAST NIGHT, we were visiting a brother who has been doing some fixes to his house. Right now, he has a pile of sand in one part of his floor. We were visiting him and his familiy when suddenly, their cat decided that the sand pile was his litter box. The cat went to the bathroom and I saw so I motioned to the brother and said, "woah!" The brother jumped up and started yelling and the kids started screaming and everyone just got super crazy and his 9 year old, who was playing with little army men at the time, also joined in the fight. The kid ran over as fast as he could and aimed his trusty little army man at the cat and started making shooting noises as loud as he could. Amazingly, the shooting noises scared the cat away before he got hit by the grandpa. Gooood times.

THIS MORNING, we went to go play micro, which is like soccer, but like on a basketball court and with a ball that is heavy and small and stuff. I tired to nail the bad boy and I am a dumb gringo and kicked the ground so so so so so hard that I thought I was gonna die. It was reaaaaaaally funny. My foot is totes fine but my toe hurts like a thing that hurts very badly. We think my toe nail is gonna fall off, which is pretty much the coolest thing ever. Goooooood times.

SO yeah. My week basically memorable. I unfortunately wasted all my time telling dumb stories, but know that we are working hard, teaching by the Spirit, and learning a lot. Life is great here! As the Master would say, he who loses his life for my sake, shall find it. The real life and happiness is found in service. At least that much I have learned.

And, as the second most important master would say: Love you all, I do.

Elder Pratt

I´ll Go Where You Want Me to Go

I´d bet that many of you, when reading the title, thought that finally Elder Pratt had grown up. If that is what you want and expect, please do not keep reading, because I will disappoint you hahah.

The truth is that this week was basically stellar. My comp and I are having a blast. We are working hard, finding a lot of service opportunities, and teaching some great people. I don´t know if I have talked about Isabel, but she is this great lady who was just stuck in a whole mess of doubts and problems in her personal life that were impeeding her spiritual progress. Well, this week we had a pretty crazy awesome appointment with her and it was awesome. She explained our purpose as missionaries and the purpose of baptism and why we always were talking about baptism with her. She understood sooo well and for the first time she started to express to us the beginnings of her testimony. She told us how she knew she needed to get baptized. She said that had a lot of doubts, but she knew that what we told her was true and that the Book of Mormon was the word of God. She told us that she needed to get over her personal issues and make decisions! She accepted a baptismal date for the 24th of this month. I hope I am still here in Suba to see her and her daughter get baptized that day!

This week I finished reading that Book of Mormon again. Man I love that book so much. If I was going to be stuck on an island alone forever and was just gonna like hang out there until I died, I would take the Book of Mormon with me. Also maybe like a pocket knife or something. But definitely the Book of Mormon.

Time for your joke/spanish lesson of the week. Soooooooooo there is this family here in Suba who is super cool. The dad is named Felix and is he is a stud. His son is 5 and named Juan Felipe and is sooooooooooooo funny. Yesterday in church, one of the members went up to Juan Felipe and asked him, "¿Dónde está Felix?" Juan Fe, being a young little ball of energy and weird thoughts, responded, "Yo estoy feliz aquí, yo estoy feliz allí, por todo lado estoy feliz!" The por kid heard feliz instead of Felix and just let us know that he is jsut a happy kid wherever he is.

This weekend was of the fast and here what we usually do when we fast is saturday lunch to sunday lunch. We spent Saturday afternoon moving furniture, painting a house, and going hard. I have gotten soo good at fasting here in the mission. Before the mission I was such a pansy when it came to fasting and now I a getting stronger. BOO YAH AUTODOMINIO

Well that´s enough of me. Have a groovy (totally set on bringing that word back) week and keep Colombia in your prayers!

Elder Pratttt

I feel old.

I feel old. In one month, I turn 21. Gross.

Anyway, This week was totally cool. I got to play translator for a few teenagers from Denmark, I learned about my companions love for Gringo music, and I heard the most ridiculous number of siblings that had ever existed. But we have to go in order. 

So we were running a few errands in the immigration offices of Bogotá a few days ago and we were about to get on the city´s bus system, called Transmilenio. It is like their over-ground subway. After we got purchased our passages (I forget the word in english, like not tickets but like the entrance fee was onthe card blah blah blah), we were heard off to enter and we heard a person saying, "Inglés? Inglés?" and so naturally I turned around. I saw two white kids about 18 years old trying to talk to ticket lady, the three of them obviously confused. My comp and I walked over and I was like, "Hey, do you guys need help?" I played middle-man and we got their passages and got them sent on the right bus. Turns out it was the same bus as we needed, so we got to talking. It was pretty cool. They were really cool kids and we totally made it into a missionary contact and left them with some stuff to think about. BOOM I´M A MISSIONARY

The otehr day we were talking down a street in the city and the little stores on the side of the road always have loud music playing, usually colombian or mexican music. But I heard a song as we were walking and I was sure it was in english, but we heard it for like 3 seconds and didn´t stop walking. I said to my comp (who does not hardly speak any english), "Hey man was that in English?" and he responded, "Oh yeah, that was Lil´ Wayne and Eminem." Later that day, the same thing happened. "Yeah, Guns and Roses, bro." It was tooo funny for me. So a few days later, we were talking to someone who is like super crazy. Like my comp and I knew for sure he was crazy and sometimes he follows us around and just talks to us. So he somehow got my comp and started talling him his life story (and the dude talks soooooo fast it hurts my mind to listen to him) and I was just off to the side and started to quietly sing the song Crazy by Gnarls Barkley, and my comp startred cracking up while still talking to the guy. As we escaped, my comp started singing the song and said, "Man how could you sing the Gnarls Barkley song in that moment?" I almost died. My comp is a stud.

One of our investigatores has (at least) 140 brothers (all kids of the same dad). I don´t feel like this statements needs any more comments.

WE FOUND A SUPER COOL LESS ACTIVE LADY AND SHE IS THE COOLEST and she came to church for the first time in a looooong time and she totally liked it and is reading the scriptures and praying and listening to the lessons again and being super cool and it is the best. I seriously love how good it feels to just find amazing people who are just waiting to be members or become active members or stuff like that. It is the best ever. But for reals.

Also sometimes the adversary can be a real punk and make awful stuff happen but it doesn´t even matter when your investigators are strong and ready. We have this familiy who have been waiting for a long time to get baptized because there is this crazy thing with his divorce so they can get married and then baptized and they need a lot of money, like $500 and they are in a bit of a rough economic situation. They have had some up moments and down moments, but recently they have been doing great and we are trying to help them work for the money. On Friday, the (future) husband was going to sell some stuff, about $650 of stuff. Some sketchy business stuff went down with the bank and they ended up robbing him the $650. He was suuuuuper bummed and was ready to just give up with the chruch and all he had learned and everything. He slept on it that night, talked to his mom (a member of the church for about 2 years now and super strong) and then called us on Saturday, asking for a blessing of the priesthood. He told us, "If Satan is persistent and is working so hard against me, I and going to show him that I am more persistent and will work evern harder." Man those were like the best words I have ever heard in my life. He strengthened me when he said that and I felt just like the little kid I am. I hope that someday I can be as strong as he is.

I love you all and hope you are all just doing swell!!!!

Elder Pratt


This week was so weird. Here in Colombia, the Easter week is hard core. The whole week is suuuuper different. All week they show movies from the Bible on TV, a bunch of  people take work off and go far away to visit big churches, people follow weird traditions that most Mormon kids hve never heard of, and it is crazy. During the Holy Week, most people don´t eat red meat because of traditions and stuff, so we ate a LOT of fish this week. I mean a LOT. It was cool but also kinda like woah can we not eat my third mojarra in the 3 hours right now? But it is cool. Now I have a lot of Omega 3 or whatever in my body!
So there is this old guy here in Suba named Vicente Garzón. He is a member of the church who was baptized a looooong time ago, but in these past months we have helped himj back to activity and he is a stud. He is like one of the funniest old men I know. He is so witty, but can´t hear hardly anything so sometimes we get into like wit battles but he can´t hear me so them he just puts on this funny smile and it is a blast. His heart has changed a lot of late and he really ahs become a different person now that he is trying to live the gospel and it is amazing. this week, He told a few things that really made me think a bit. In one moment, he said, "Now I really feel that soemone is guiding my life. I feel the presence of the Holy Ghost guiding daily." Just about screamed for joy when he said that. It is sooooo great to hear that as a missionary. A bit later, he said, "The kids who let themselves be guided in life have a good life. Those who don´t find they suffer in life." Powerful words. And not jsut applicable to parenting, but to the gospel as well. when we let our lives be guided by God, we are blessed and good things happen. When we don´t let our Heavenly Father guide our lives by living his teachings, we will too find that we suffer in this life and are not prepared to face the life that comes later. Vicente is a wise man ahaha.

This week, I have been reading the Old Testament, finishing Genesis and starting Exodus. It was a blast reading the real stories of Joseph (who was sold into Egypt) and Moses. Veeeery interesting. While I was reading I remembered all the movies and musicals I have seen of those stories and it was cool to see how in many parts they followed the doctrine, but good to know when it was just embellishment. I had the songs stuck in my head allllllllll week of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and the animated Moses movie that I think is dreamworks, if my memory serves me. Good times ahhaha.

Weeeeellllll it has been a blast. Remember people: You are what you eat. I don´t know why you should remember that, but when I typed the words "Remember people:" the first thing that came into my mind was that phrase. I hope it helps one of you out there. 


Elder Praff

I hate to judge but old ladies with beards scare me

For those of you still learning spanish, I am disappointed in you. Spanish is the coolest. There are so many things that you just say in spanish so easily but you just can´t say in english. It is a real disappointment sometimes when I am talking in english to someone who is not bilingual and I can´t just say the phrase in spanish and they understand me hahahah.

Sometimes as a missionary, you have a cold for a few weeks that you just can´t get rid of. This is fun, because every single person you visit tells you some secret magic remedy passed down from the generations, be it a drug they bought in the store that changed their life or, most commonly here in Colombia, a mix of herbs that you have never heard of that they put in a drink that doesn´t even exist in your country and give it to you at the temperature of lava. It gets kinda cold here and the drinks are tasty so it is pretty much the best ever. I love the people here.

Also, sometimes as a missionary, you just like stop with the cute little discussions and you get real with people. (I will always remember the talk from Holland about the coach "getting in your face.") We have this lady who is less-active and is a great lady, but has a pretty crazy story and some pretty bit challenges in her life and uses them as excuses to not go to church, but, as we know, God´s commandments aren´t for when we feel like it, or when it´s easy, they are lines draw in the sand. We do it, or don´t. She, for a long time, was just not doing it. We like her a lot and she likes us a lot, but we just had to get down to business on Saturday and talk about the Sabbath Day and attending church. We, with all of the love in the world (and remember, real loves tells the truth) we talked to her and told her how things were. It got a bit strong in one moment, but I felt that I needed to say the words I said and in the specific way I said them, my comp as well. After that moment, she looked down, thought for a minute, then said, "Okay. Rain or thunder, I am going to church tomorrow." Aaaaaaand she did. Aaaaaaaand she brought her non-member husband. Aaaaaaaand it was awesome. As missionaries, we have been set apart and we have authority from God to do what we do. I is pretty great to see the miracles that come when we remember that and exercise it.

A lot of the people here don´t have the musical background that we gringos have. Many of us grow up with a history of music and a basic understanding of how it all goes. That is not so true here. It can be really funny sometimes, when they pick songs in sacrament meeting that nobody knows and either nobody sings or they kinda all just gregorian chant it. It is a blast. That happens like almost every week. It is sad but so great. Sometimes when we have appointments with people in their homes, we like to sing hymns with them. Sometimes, they have no idea what´s going on but they just sing with all their hearts and do their very best, It is so great! I love seeing and feeling (and hearing) that faith! Sometimes I like to think that their little other melodies that happen are just cool harmonies thta I just hadn´t thought aobut before. I try not to think that because sometimes it makes me giggle a bit and that makes me feel like the bad person I am ahhahaa.

Life is great here in Colombia and we are working hard. Keep us in your prayers and we will see what we can do to get stuff pushing even more here in Suba. I love you alll!!!!!!
Elder Pratt


We had transfers today!!! I know who my new companion is going to be, I know him personally, but he gets here tomorrow at 3 o´clock in the morning soooooooo we still aren´t together. I get to hang out with some other Elders in the mean time. But his name is Elder Caceres and he is cool.
This letter is going to be many random explosions of thought because I don´t have much time. Transfer days are always CRAZY.

HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY DEVIN PRATT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Emilee Wells and her family totally had a mormon message during conference sessions. It was awesome. I was like yelling to all the people in the room with me about how cool ti was that I knew them.
Last week, a drunk guy came up to me and, in English, said very slowly and with a confused look on his face, "You are me?" I don´t feel the need to talk any more about that experience.

Another missionary was with us the other day and we were all getting ready because we had a meeting the president. I asked him, "¿Cómo se siente?" (How are you feeling?). He, an argentinian, busted out his English and started singing "I feel prettyyyyy, oh so prettyyyyy!" He is my new best friend.
One of my favorite quotes from the weekend: Real character is shown when we practice what we preach. (I don´t know how to say it pretty in english but in spanish they said it really pretty.) SO TRUE. Just think aobut how true that is. SO TRUE.
I realized something during the conference on Sunday. there was a talk (by Elder Bednar?) where they talked a bit about the commandment to love one another. If we disrespect someone and are rude to them, not only are we being lame and jerks and bad people, but we are actually breaking the commandment to love one another. At least I see it this way. Interesting way to look at it, no? Makes you.... reflect a bit ahhah.
Also this week the quote-thing of "Don´t dress for what you are, but what you want to be," for like jobs came to my mind. It is so true. But its not just how we dress or how we act to try to gain power and position, but like this life. Here in this life, a lot of times we act and do things based on the worldly status in which we find ourselves. We decide that well this commandment isn´t too important right now like well I am really tired so I jsut won´t go to church or I feel short on money so I won´t pay a full tithe and things like that. We might not even break the line-in-the-sand-mosaic-law commanments, but we might  find reasons to not live the higher law that the Savior taught, loving everyone, going the extra-mile, and all that good stuff. We put doing that stuff in a second plane of importance, when in reality, we should probably think about things in an eternal perspective. If we always remembered who we are and the potencial we have, wouldn´t we act a bit better? Wouldn´t we love a bit more? Wouldn´t we show the love that we, as disciples of Christ, supposedly feel towards everyone?
Sorry for the personal thought explosions everyone, when you probably are expecting more funny thieve stories or something hahah. I spent a lot of this week and weekend reflecting with all of the meetings we had. It was really great. I have a lot to repent of if I really want to try to follow Christ.
I LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLLLLLL,. But really, I do. Sorry I have been such a tool in my life to all of you. If you want to vent and tell me how I was a bum and need to change, I will say to you what we say here in Colombia, "Hágale!!!" (Do it!)
Elder Pratt and Abraham Lincoln  =|:-)

On the wings of looooooove

I wanted to send you a video of my comp and I playing piano, but I took it in high quality and the computer I am using is soooooooo slow it gives me anxiety so I cant convert the video and send it today. Maybe another day ahhaah.
So the title this weeks comes from a study sesh of 2 Nephi 4 this past week when  was bored. I think I was a bit tired and you know how your mind just runs and things get crazy. (well, I know that Lyndi understands me and will get this reference way better.) I was reading that chapter and I got the 25th verse and there Nephi says that he was carried away on the wings of the Spirit or something and I don´t know how my brain made the connection but the chorus of that old song "Wings of Love" came into my head and it was just really weird and awesome. Also It made me realize how unfocused I was and made me focus in. Win win situation.

Remeber that woman who came into the chapel a month ago alone and talked to us after? Welllllll she got baptized with her 11 year-old son last saturday and it was EXCELLENT. It was funny because the water heater was broken so the water was preeeeeetty cold, but that´s like normal. In one of the last baptismal services we had in that chapel, one of the people screamed when they got in the water and it was really funny, but Liliana was strong. She stepped in, said "OH MY!" under her breath, looked at me already standing in the water, sucked it up and put on a smile and went in. She was sooooooo happy after. It was just a great day for her and her son. We were pretty happy too I guess. Oh yeah, and the like 30 family members (not members of the church) taht she had invited all clapped after she came out of the water. That was prettty awesome too ahhaha.

So I don´t know if I have like insomnia or something, but I just am a person who does not sleep a lot. We have 8 hours in our missionary schedule where we are in bed and should be asleep, but I m like weird and wake up in the night for no reason and just like think for a while, fall back asleep, and the wake up lik a half hour or hour before the alarm in the morning and just like hang out waiting for it to be 6:30 so I can get up. And it´s not like during the day I am tired or anything, I just don´t sleep a lot I guess. But on Tuesday, we had a super long day where we just walked sooooo much it was crazy and my comp and I got home just wasted. That night, I slept through the whole night heavily and woke up to the alarm (for the first time in a while) and somehow my top retainer was like on the ground next to my bed instead of in my mouth. It was a new experience hahhaa. The mssion is pretty great hahaha.

These past few weeks after the conference with Elder Uceda we have been pushing pretty hard with our ward to get the work moving and trying to do stuff better. It whas been SPECTACULAR. The ward leaders are leaving on visits with us now, they are working hard with their corresponding people, and we are seeing the progress in the people we visit. It just makes us so pumped up to see the changes we are making in ourselves and the blessings that have come as a result. The church attendance in our ward has almost double since the push and everyone has been serving a lot more within the ward! It is amazing! Please help the missionaries in your areas!!! They need it and the people they visit need it. It is the best everrrrrr!

I love you all!!!!! Read the Book of Mormon!!!!

Elder Prattarata

My heart will go onnnnnnnnnnnn

I do not know why I put that as the title. I have had nothing to do with that song in like a bajillion years. I think the Enya music I have is getting to me and even reminding me of Celine.

HOW IS EVERYONE????? My life continues to get more and more interesting every time I stop to think about it. So many cool, not cool, funny, and not funny things happened this week!! 

SHOUT OUT TO GRANDMA BAKER, WHO HAD A BIRTHDAY. You´ve had a birthday, shout hooray. I want to sing to you today. One year older and wiser, too. Happy birthday to you! (Yes, I still remember the primary songs every once in a while).

So, the news you have all been waiting for....... I PLAYED PIANO. The Lord gave me a tender mercy and didn´t make me play for the youth´s special musical number, and I even escaped playing the first hymn. I did play the sacrament hymn and the closing hymn and I just have to say that, all jokes aside, I actually did not fail. I messed up a few times and blah blah blah but I felt like really good about it at the end. I was so relaxed because all saturday night and sunday morning I was stressing out about it (it didn´t help that sunday morning, while picking up an investigator to go to church with us, we almost got jumped again. I was so stressed and so not in a good mood that when the punks started coming up to us, I picked up this little wooden pole that was on the ground and was about ready to stress-relief on the punks´ face. Luckily, I snapped out of it and my comp and I just ran away ahahh. gooooooood times.)

This week we had a conference with Elder Uceda, one of the Seventy and our area president. HE IS SO GREAT. There were different sessions, one for just mission leadership in the morning, one for all the missionaries from Bogotá in the afternoon, and one for the missionaries and those from the ward council at night. My comp and I were there in the various meeting without leaving the chapel from 8 in the morning to 8 at night and it was spectacular. Absolutely spectacular.

Recently, the sister missionaries who live right by the temple have started to offer guided tours of the temple grounds from investigators. We went with some investigators who are gonna get married and baptized soon and it was a blast. The temple is sooo great and the Spirit there is just so strong. I love to seeeeee the teeeeeeemple

Sulma, the 25 year-old who got baptized a month ago, is doing GREAT. in the gospel principles class, she opened up (she is kinda shy with people she doesn´t know too well) and shared her testimony of the Atonement after we watched a video called "The Mediator." Man. Man. Man. There isn´t a better feeling than hearing a recent convert sharing her testimony. It jsut is great. There isn´t really a way to describe it. I cried a tiny wee bit, but don´t tell her because she will laugh at me hahahah.

IIIIII dont have any more time. I loveyou all!!!!!!

ttarP redlE

Monday, March 24, 2014

My list of talents increase along with my humility


When I get home I am going to know everything about hjow to build my own house. This week, we patched a ceiling and spray painted with a home-made engine/air compressor. BATTABING BATTABOOM. Late this week, there is a good chance we will stucco a guys wall and ceiling, but I did that in my last areas so I´m pretty comfortable doing that.

So I just want to make it clear that my description last week of the piano situation was not in any way an exaggeration. It really was AWFUL. But as I am writing this letter, the bishop and another sister in the ward who takes care of the music have been calling me asking to play piano for a special musical number for sacrament meeting this sunday. I think the Men in Black came by and did that button-press-everyone-forgets-everything thing. I don´t know. Well at least this time I´ll know beforehand (not that I´ll have time to practice anyway, but oh well hahahah).

Sometimes as a missionary, you are on your feet all day. Like literally all day. From 10 in the morning to 9 at night, you might spend like 2 hours sitting down. I eat so so much but I don´t get fat because we spend all day walking sometimes. It is pretty crazy btu then also super awesome when you realize. Good times.

Also this week, I ate ceviche for the first time. It was a little sketchy making it and eating it here becuase there isn´t really fresh fish, but we made it happen and it was quite tasty and I didn´t even get sick. BOOYAH I have such a strong stomach these days.

So this lady that has a store in front of our apartment complex is an investigator of ours and she is super cool. She has like no times at all because her job and boss are LAME but we get to have some good chats in her store, she was able to escape her job one sunday and come to church, and she is just a really nice lady. (she is the one who went to Mass to give thanks for the things she had learned with us). She has had a hard time understanding the Restauration of the Gospel so this week, we tried a new method and left her the video of the Restauration (of abotu 19 minutes) so she could watch it in the free moments she has in the afternoons sometimes. We went by the next day to check up on how it went and she was like, "Oh it was such a beautiful video, I really loved it!" We were stoked. We asked her what she learned from the video. She told us that she learned about perserverance. . . .. .. . .. . . cool. We tried to talk about why she said she learned that and all this good stuff and man it was like a bummer. She didn´t really get it. Then she told us that she also liked how it was on  a farm and stuff. . .. . . . .. . .awesome. We are gonna have to try a new method. Something that I´ve learned is that you can´t push people to try to change or grow faster than what theycan do. Sometimes, we just see errors in people in what they do, what they say, how they are, and you can just get frustrsated. But what we have to do is just help them grow and learn and change, btu at their pace. Be patient and congratulate them for the things they accomplish and the steps they make and keep motivating them, but not push than they can run. Remember, it is not requisite that a man run faster than he has strength. That is the case with everyone here, investigators, missionaries, companions, members, leaders, everyone. It is also true back there. If you feel frustrated with the progress (or lack thereof) of another person, try to practice the eternal virtue of patience.

I love you allllllllllllllllllllllllllll. I send you all virtual abrazos. if you don´t get that last word, google it and practice your spanish.



I feel like every one of my emails could have the title "New Experiences", but this week especially needed that title. Later on you will find out why....

Remember those candy bars named Baby Ruth? (Of course you remember them, you aren´t in Colombia) Well this week I met one of our investigators daughters named "Ruth Baby". And she is so cool. She is black and black people always hav the coolest names. Imagine that name with a black spanihs accent. It is the coolest ever and her dad is a super good investigator so allllll´s good there.

Yesterday in church, they made me play piano again and it was a DISASTER and embarrassing but soooooo funny. So they told me I was gonna play like seconds before the meeting started and didn´t like ask me if I could play the hymns or if I knew them or anything so that like helped my already enormous nerves of playing ht epiano in church. For the first hymn, the director started leading before I could even sit down at he piano to start playing and he just picked like a random note to start it so I just let them go and it was awkward and awesome and I didn´t play. The second song, I kinda could play, but up until this point that day I hadn´t been able to touch the piano and the soft petalwas locked so it had the softest and ugliest sound during the whole song. The third hymn was a song that I have never seen nor heard in my life. So during the talks, I was reading it and playing it in my head and had it firgured out decently but it was like fast so I was just going to have to wing it. Turns out that not a single person in the ward knew it either. Not even the ward´s leadership up in front. I fought to play the intro, my comp told me I was playing to wrong hymn and stopped me, but the bishop and his counselors assured me that I was on the right number and the right title adn was doing fine. So I replayed the intro. Then nobody knew when to come in nor the rhythm nor the words nor anything. And I didn´t know how to play. Blessed from the big guy upstairs, my hands kept moving and my half came out alright and kept the rhythm cooking. Everyone sat down laughing and confused. Then the last hymn thankfully the congregation knew, but it is fast and hard with a lot of accidentals and it was giving me a whirl. To speak frankly, it absolutely trashed me. I was sooo much more nervous every verse and it is a two pager with 4 verses. I wanted to jsut die, but I had to jsut keep going. It was awful. (also, the people here know it but sing it like wrong so even when I had the piano like decent, I wasn´t in agreement with them). I hate playing the piano in front of people with all of my heart.

Today I had one of those "went to the store to buy peanut butter, came home with 10 bags of groceries but without peanut butter" moments. All I wanted was one of the big bags of cheap oatmeal. Oh well, next time I guess hahaha.

Attention BYU people who know what NuSkin is: last week we met a young couple down here who work for NuSkin and they are so cool. We contacted them on the street and they said, "Oh yeah we´ve heard a lot about the church and seen a lot because we travel to the states and Utah a lot and we´ve always had questions but never wanted to break the work/beliefs barrier and ask." They are soooo coooool and super interested. We have another appointment tomorrow!

So being here, sketchy things always happen. You see some bad stuff go down, you see some sketchy people, crazy old ladies on drugs chase you down the street trying to touch your booty, all kinds of stuff. But last saturday, I think I had a highlight experience. Unforgettable moments. A moment I will always racistly connect to my memories of living during two years in Colombia. I got held at machete point by a 12 year-old (okay he might have been 14, but they are all smaller here so he looked 12). It was like 8:15 at night and we were walking from one appointment to another, going by a path we travel often and where there is a decent amount of light and people. Some little punk kid comes up to us and asks us for 200 pesos (like a dime) and gets all up in my face (well more my chest, he was very short). The punk starts like getting all tough starts grabbing my shirt and my nametag (I don´t like when strangers touch me) and started grabbing my pockets and my legs and hips too (weirdo). Then he pulls a machete ouf of the back of his pants and hold it to my like sternum (the highest the poor little kid could probably reach) and was like telling me to give him all of my money. I was just like, "Ummmmm what´re you doing?" and my comp was like, "Dude WHAT´RE YOU DOING" and then the little kid´s buddy was like, "Bro I don´t thinik they´re from here," and they two of them left. It was soooo weird. It was funny too, but like a minute or two after. Its a good thing that the kid didn´t try to get any more tough on us cause it would´ve hurt me on the inside to hit a little child, but if the rat wants to pull out a machete on me and get all tough then LET´S DANCE, LITTLE BOY ahhaha. (Don´t worry mom, the dumb kid didn´t even steal my sweet gringo pen, which would´ve beena  tragic loss and I would´ve been really bummed.) 

So yeah, being a missionary is actually the most exciting thing ever. It has so many fun moments and it truly is a blast. You should all try it sometimes (but if you don´t wanna do that last part I did that´s totally cool too).

PS Liliana is the best ever. She and her 11 year-old son are getting baptized at the end of the month and she is already connected to the LDS group of facebok and chatting to members all over the world and reading the Book of Mormon and Gospel Principles and praying and the best. It literally feels like it´s all a big joke when we teach her, like it can´t be true or somthing. She is sooooooooooo ready and has so much faith. a few times in the appointment after listening to her talk, I just laughed because it was so ridiculous how awesome she is. It is like the best feeling in the whole wide world, helping someone on that way. Man, it seriously ROCKS.

Wellllllllllll LIFE IS GOOD. I hope all is well wherever yálls are. (the spanish keyboard doesn´t want me to write y´alls).

Elder Praff