Saturday, October 11, 2014


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As I begin this letter, I am making an outline so I don´t forget anything. I hope I don´t leave anything out of my outline...

-Stats of the city of Yopal:
The city is hot. Hot is the city. It is hot here. I feel much heat. Hot. 
Today I started sweating when I put clothes on at 8 in the morning.
We are in winter here, I it is HOT. This week it rained like sooooo much (like you are walking in the street in the sun, its not raining, and then 5 mintues later you are soaking wet) and then all of the sudden it just stopped raining like 2 days ago and they say that summer is going to start. In August, it just starts getting really hot and really windy. Like between 90 and 120 degrees every day. And it is humid here. (Emperor´s New Groove reference on the way) Sharp rocks at the bottom? Most likely.          Bring it on.                  BOOYAHAHHAHA OOOOOOO
I love it here. The heat is crazy but the people are AMAZING. SO AMAZING. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY HERE

-Stats of Yopal´s branch:
Yopal is a branch because there aren´t enough groups of members to have a stake, so it pertains to the mission. The attendance in these past weeks has been about 150, but in the past it had also been closer to 200. WE ARE GONNA MAKE IT BLOW UP. The Branchj President is a STUD and I am so happy to work alongside him in Yopal. The members here are super pumped to help the missionaries and life is great!

THIS WEEK WE MET SO MANY NEW PEOPLE. We are just finding people all over the place. We are trying to focus our work in a specific part of our area to take advantage of the time and not waste it walking or doing dumb things. The specific part is smaller than mile square park and we have like 15 super amazing families there. The problem here is getting them to go to church and getting them married. It is our focus right now with them. The work here in Yopal is going great. Our district is made up of the 4 companionships in the branch and we are just seeing miracles!

-D&C 27:2 (the first lines) gets put in practice in Yopal:
wafer cookies

-Showering with a bucket of cold water:
our water goes out for like days at a time here. We buy big bags of water and shower with that. It was weird at first but now its pretty cool. We totally save water ahhaha.

Sometimes, mission rules can be hard. Like this morning there was a guy here who was in a pretty critical state and they needed to send him to Bogotá to the hospitals there, but he couldn´t make it without a blood transfusion of O positive. I have O positive, but I can´t donate blood as a missionary here. It was a bummer, but a member stepped up and made it happen. God had it all planned and prepared, but it still was sad that I couldn´t help. 

Help the missionaries! They will feel happy and love you! Trust me!

Elder Pratt

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