Saturday, October 11, 2014


COLOMBIA CLASIFICÓ PARA LA PRÓXIMA RONDA DE MUNDIAL. VAMOS A GANAR. The United States of America almost assured their place in the second round, but we´ll see what happens in a few days. It is crazy how interesting the World Cup is when you can´t watch the games ahha. The people here get sooooo crazy during the games, and when Colombia plays, they shut down a lot of the city. Like it is illegal to sell alcohol here during the games because people jsut get so crazy. After Colombia won the first game, 9 people died in another part of Bogotá. They were all Colombias happy and celebrating, but then just got out of control and killed each other. Crazy stuff, yo. But it´s all good, I guess. Nothing too crazy has gone down in our zone. Just a looooot of parties. 

Poetic grafitti quote of the week:  
"They can cut down the flowers, but they will never stop the Spring."
Deep stuff, man.

So among all of the dodging of games and looking for people who don´t like soccer so we can teach the Gospel, We totally found some super cool people. We got to talk to a few old investigators who hadn´t been progressing so we had left them a long while back. We even got to take one of them to a baptismal service which was an awesome experience. He is a lot more excited now to hear us and ready to start progressing! Pray for Wilmer!

Ward Council quote of the week:
Bishop: "Laziness is the mother of all vices!"
Elders´ Quorum President: "But it is a mom, so you better respect her!"
(silent applause)

So this week, we were singing a hymn, and as you might now, music theory and ear-training aren´t the same here like in the US or in other places. Sometimes half of the group starts in one key, and another half in a nother key and usually somebody gives in to those who are singing louder and everything gets back to normal. A miracle happened this past week, the two sides didn´t find an agreement, both singing louder trying to win until the whole song was sung with the two groups in a tritone. My eye started to twitch.

I LOVE TO SEE THE TEMPLE, I WENT THERE TODAY. I FELT THE HOLY SPIRIT, I LISTENED AND I PRAYED. and it was awesome. so. awesome. sooo. awesome.

MY LIFE IS THE BEST LIFE OF ALL THE LIFES THAT HAVE EVER BEEN LIVED. Also I am not very good at playing soccer.But I am becoming a professional recorder player. I think I´m gonna have to schedule some gigs when I get home to make some CA$H MON3Y.


.sdrawkcab daer nac ttarP redlE 


Elder Pratt

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