Saturday, October 11, 2014


AHhhhhhhhh! MY NEW LIFE!!!

I am here in Yopal, where it is SOO HOT but awesome. It is actually wintertime here right now so it rains like everyday and when it rains here it RAINS. Like it rains for like a half hour or hour and just floods the whole world. It is the best ever. Desert storms and the most releaving thing on hot days ahahha. But life here is great. Alos,  I AM WITH MY SON!!!! His name is Elder Gonzales, he is 21, from Cochabamba, Bolivia, and also is the bomb. We are having a blast here and working super hard. We are opening a new area here so we have a lot of work to do, but it is a blast and we have been soo blessed. We have seen so many miracles in these days it is just crazy. We have some amazing families that we are teaching and they just fell into our hands and are just soo prepared and open to our message. I love being a missionary!!!

This week we met a less-active lady who is the coolest and just had a baby and totally wants to return to church and it was the best! We found her looking through the ward list and visitng random people from it in our area. It was the best! Also, I was able to convince her that I was Colombian and she believed me! I love this country!

Yopal is so hot. Like so hot. Like sweat-while-calmly-standing-in-the-shade hot. And if you know me, I I don´t like that. But its whatever, I am totally getting used to it and I think my sweat it turning into jsut like water. Probably purer water than the water that comes out of the faucet here. But it´s chill. I just get really thirsty hahah.

Yogurt is the best! I never did but now I do! It is the best. Hunger and thirst can be quenched at once!

With the slow internet, time flies but just know world that God is the best and always blesses us, but we have to open our eyes to see the blessings we have. For example, this internet cafe is super slow, but the computer has Windows 7 and virus protection! Two rare things! God loves me so much! Okay that was a dumb example but like for real they are like big deals for nerd Elder Pratt. Just deal with it.

Right now we have to go put some baptismal dates with some news super amazing families we have. I love everything!

Elder Pratt

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