Saturday, October 11, 2014


PUES I have soooo many things I want to say this week, we will see how it goes. BULLET POINT LETTER TO THE RESCUE!!!

- We taught a 4-generation Adventist and it was like a crazy cool experience. She is super nice and friendly and was totally open to listen adn share thoughts and is reading the Book of Mormon. BOOM SHAKALAKA
- This week, one of our investigators asked us, "Hey would it be alright if you guys came by everyday in the early afternoon to read a chapter of the Book of Mormon together at the next-door nieghbors house (who is a member)?" It was tough, but I was able to say, "Yes," without crying in front of her. We have been reading and it is so awesome. COOL BEANS
- There is this recently-rescued member here who lives in our area. She was inactive for like 6 years then just felt the desire to go back to church one day about 3 months ago. Now, she gives us references, goes to appointments, gives CRAZY POWERFUL testimonies in the appointments, and is serving in the chapel. Her testimony of the gospel has pumped her up so much it is like the best thing ever
- WEIRD COMPANION FILES: When he showers, my comp told me thst he rinses his body, puts on soap, then dries off. He doesn´t rinse the soap off of his body. I worked for a solid like 10 minutes trying to convince him that that is not normal, but he just won´t take it. Whatever.

JESUS WANTS ME FOR A SUNBEAM is totally a powerful song. For real. think about it. Jesus wants me to be so happy and shining that I shine for otehr people and lift them up too. Pretty cool. Just go be a sunbeam, alright?

Sometimes, it is frustrating when you hae astory you want to tell, but then you have to type it and it is long and you get frustrated. SHORT VERSION: This lady had the CRAZIEST answer-to-her-prayer-in-an-appointment experience with us the other day. Prayer on knees, crazy leg cramp, yelling of the name of the Savior in pain, pray harder, super powerful feeling of calm, stood up and before we could comment said, "I know that this is the true church." I totally openly cried that time, it was an out of control moment (in every context).

Well. Sorry if you have written me letters and I haven´t responded. I read them, I jsut feel like they deserve better responses sometimes and I just don´t have time. I will do0 me best to plan better!


Elder Prrrrrrack!

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