Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hey, everybody!

We had a weird week this week and on Monday we worked and had a super awesome conference with like 3 people from the Quorums of the Seventy (Elder Clayton, Presidency of the 70; Elder Uceda, Area President; Elder Camargo) which was amazing. Wednesday was our Zone meeting , which was probably my last one here in Suba (since they will probably transfer me soon since I´ve been here for almost 6 months), which was sad but fun. We had a good time and learned a lot. Today was super pday, where all of the missionaries who were in Bogotá (about 100) got together and we played sports all morning and had a mini conference with our mission president. We watched a movie called Ephraim´s Rescue and it was EXCELLENT. Tomorrow we have another conference with president in the morning. Then, in the afternoon, we have a baptism. Yeah, it´s basically a super hard core week. Basically the best ever.
Last week, we heard some bad news as a mission. Elder Galleguillos, my second comp, got hit by a car on a big street and was in preeeetty bad shape. Then like a thousand miracles happened and he left the hospital the next day with just a broken collar-bone, a broken vertebrae in his neck, and a bit of short-term memory loss. He has to go home to recover, but if all goes well, he will be back here in 2 months. He was doing super well and working really hard. He actually was also training a new missionary! (I have a grandson!!!) We are praying a lot so his therapy goes well and he can be out of the wheelchair and back here soon!

My life is pretty cool. 

The other day I read the talk that Elder Uchtdorf gave last conference about living with a thankful heart. I am trying to do that better. Sometimes lame stuff happens but life for real is just a blast. It is amazing the peace and happiness I feel in life as I try to live the gospel. It is just great. I have so much to be thankful for. (insert emoticon happy face)

I realized I haven´t put any caps in this email. That´s not very like me. BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. That´s better. 


Elder Pratt

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