Monday, June 9, 2014

I ate french toast this morning and It was delicious

Howdy, peoplesss. How is life? Mine is fancy. It gets super cooler all the time. We just have so many weird experiences as missionaries, also a ridiculous amount of crazy spiritural ones. Out here, I have learned that God really does answer prayers. He waits for us to have the right amount of faith and obedience to answer them, but He always answers. I have been trying to be more ready to receive those answers lately and it is pretty amazing. It just brings a lot peace to my heart and my mind. It makes me feel calm and happy in moments of distress and confusion. It is wonderful.
This week I got to move around a bit more than usual and be in a few different areas and work with different missionaries and meet new people and it was just great. I love how the Lord just fill us up and gives us what we need to help other people when they are having hard times and need a lift. We got to have lots of experiences like that this week.

But, like always, some reaaaaaaaaally funny ones. Like when a rocker dude spat on me. Like when, in a part of the city, we saw a big truck full of goats on the side of the road that were being along with their milk, and fresh. Like when I met a guy from New Zealand and he told me about his interesting life of being a journeyman and just traveling the world. Like when we had a huuuge stake primary activity with a bunch of investigators and it was CRAZY and also super fun. Just like some awesome stuff ahhaha. My life totally rocks.

I have to go but keep having a cool life and try to have a great dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy always. Also listen to the mormon tabernacle choir and love them. Also the piano. I LOVE YOU ALLLLL

I get bored of signing my name the same every time.

Elderous Pratticus

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