Monday, June 9, 2014


This week was so weird. Here in Colombia, the Easter week is hard core. The whole week is suuuuper different. All week they show movies from the Bible on TV, a bunch of  people take work off and go far away to visit big churches, people follow weird traditions that most Mormon kids hve never heard of, and it is crazy. During the Holy Week, most people don´t eat red meat because of traditions and stuff, so we ate a LOT of fish this week. I mean a LOT. It was cool but also kinda like woah can we not eat my third mojarra in the 3 hours right now? But it is cool. Now I have a lot of Omega 3 or whatever in my body!
So there is this old guy here in Suba named Vicente Garzón. He is a member of the church who was baptized a looooong time ago, but in these past months we have helped himj back to activity and he is a stud. He is like one of the funniest old men I know. He is so witty, but can´t hear hardly anything so sometimes we get into like wit battles but he can´t hear me so them he just puts on this funny smile and it is a blast. His heart has changed a lot of late and he really ahs become a different person now that he is trying to live the gospel and it is amazing. this week, He told a few things that really made me think a bit. In one moment, he said, "Now I really feel that soemone is guiding my life. I feel the presence of the Holy Ghost guiding daily." Just about screamed for joy when he said that. It is sooooo great to hear that as a missionary. A bit later, he said, "The kids who let themselves be guided in life have a good life. Those who don´t find they suffer in life." Powerful words. And not jsut applicable to parenting, but to the gospel as well. when we let our lives be guided by God, we are blessed and good things happen. When we don´t let our Heavenly Father guide our lives by living his teachings, we will too find that we suffer in this life and are not prepared to face the life that comes later. Vicente is a wise man ahaha.

This week, I have been reading the Old Testament, finishing Genesis and starting Exodus. It was a blast reading the real stories of Joseph (who was sold into Egypt) and Moses. Veeeery interesting. While I was reading I remembered all the movies and musicals I have seen of those stories and it was cool to see how in many parts they followed the doctrine, but good to know when it was just embellishment. I had the songs stuck in my head allllllllll week of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and the animated Moses movie that I think is dreamworks, if my memory serves me. Good times ahhaha.

Weeeeellllll it has been a blast. Remember people: You are what you eat. I don´t know why you should remember that, but when I typed the words "Remember people:" the first thing that came into my mind was that phrase. I hope it helps one of you out there. 


Elder Praff

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