Monday, June 9, 2014


We had transfers today!!! I know who my new companion is going to be, I know him personally, but he gets here tomorrow at 3 o´clock in the morning soooooooo we still aren´t together. I get to hang out with some other Elders in the mean time. But his name is Elder Caceres and he is cool.
This letter is going to be many random explosions of thought because I don´t have much time. Transfer days are always CRAZY.

HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY DEVIN PRATT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Emilee Wells and her family totally had a mormon message during conference sessions. It was awesome. I was like yelling to all the people in the room with me about how cool ti was that I knew them.
Last week, a drunk guy came up to me and, in English, said very slowly and with a confused look on his face, "You are me?" I don´t feel the need to talk any more about that experience.

Another missionary was with us the other day and we were all getting ready because we had a meeting the president. I asked him, "¿Cómo se siente?" (How are you feeling?). He, an argentinian, busted out his English and started singing "I feel prettyyyyy, oh so prettyyyyy!" He is my new best friend.
One of my favorite quotes from the weekend: Real character is shown when we practice what we preach. (I don´t know how to say it pretty in english but in spanish they said it really pretty.) SO TRUE. Just think aobut how true that is. SO TRUE.
I realized something during the conference on Sunday. there was a talk (by Elder Bednar?) where they talked a bit about the commandment to love one another. If we disrespect someone and are rude to them, not only are we being lame and jerks and bad people, but we are actually breaking the commandment to love one another. At least I see it this way. Interesting way to look at it, no? Makes you.... reflect a bit ahhah.
Also this week the quote-thing of "Don´t dress for what you are, but what you want to be," for like jobs came to my mind. It is so true. But its not just how we dress or how we act to try to gain power and position, but like this life. Here in this life, a lot of times we act and do things based on the worldly status in which we find ourselves. We decide that well this commandment isn´t too important right now like well I am really tired so I jsut won´t go to church or I feel short on money so I won´t pay a full tithe and things like that. We might not even break the line-in-the-sand-mosaic-law commanments, but we might  find reasons to not live the higher law that the Savior taught, loving everyone, going the extra-mile, and all that good stuff. We put doing that stuff in a second plane of importance, when in reality, we should probably think about things in an eternal perspective. If we always remembered who we are and the potencial we have, wouldn´t we act a bit better? Wouldn´t we love a bit more? Wouldn´t we show the love that we, as disciples of Christ, supposedly feel towards everyone?
Sorry for the personal thought explosions everyone, when you probably are expecting more funny thieve stories or something hahah. I spent a lot of this week and weekend reflecting with all of the meetings we had. It was really great. I have a lot to repent of if I really want to try to follow Christ.
I LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLLLLLL,. But really, I do. Sorry I have been such a tool in my life to all of you. If you want to vent and tell me how I was a bum and need to change, I will say to you what we say here in Colombia, "Hágale!!!" (Do it!)
Elder Pratt and Abraham Lincoln  =|:-)

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