Monday, June 9, 2014

On the wings of looooooove

I wanted to send you a video of my comp and I playing piano, but I took it in high quality and the computer I am using is soooooooo slow it gives me anxiety so I cant convert the video and send it today. Maybe another day ahhaah.
So the title this weeks comes from a study sesh of 2 Nephi 4 this past week when  was bored. I think I was a bit tired and you know how your mind just runs and things get crazy. (well, I know that Lyndi understands me and will get this reference way better.) I was reading that chapter and I got the 25th verse and there Nephi says that he was carried away on the wings of the Spirit or something and I don´t know how my brain made the connection but the chorus of that old song "Wings of Love" came into my head and it was just really weird and awesome. Also It made me realize how unfocused I was and made me focus in. Win win situation.

Remeber that woman who came into the chapel a month ago alone and talked to us after? Welllllll she got baptized with her 11 year-old son last saturday and it was EXCELLENT. It was funny because the water heater was broken so the water was preeeeeetty cold, but that´s like normal. In one of the last baptismal services we had in that chapel, one of the people screamed when they got in the water and it was really funny, but Liliana was strong. She stepped in, said "OH MY!" under her breath, looked at me already standing in the water, sucked it up and put on a smile and went in. She was sooooooo happy after. It was just a great day for her and her son. We were pretty happy too I guess. Oh yeah, and the like 30 family members (not members of the church) taht she had invited all clapped after she came out of the water. That was prettty awesome too ahhaha.

So I don´t know if I have like insomnia or something, but I just am a person who does not sleep a lot. We have 8 hours in our missionary schedule where we are in bed and should be asleep, but I m like weird and wake up in the night for no reason and just like think for a while, fall back asleep, and the wake up lik a half hour or hour before the alarm in the morning and just like hang out waiting for it to be 6:30 so I can get up. And it´s not like during the day I am tired or anything, I just don´t sleep a lot I guess. But on Tuesday, we had a super long day where we just walked sooooo much it was crazy and my comp and I got home just wasted. That night, I slept through the whole night heavily and woke up to the alarm (for the first time in a while) and somehow my top retainer was like on the ground next to my bed instead of in my mouth. It was a new experience hahhaa. The mssion is pretty great hahaha.

These past few weeks after the conference with Elder Uceda we have been pushing pretty hard with our ward to get the work moving and trying to do stuff better. It whas been SPECTACULAR. The ward leaders are leaving on visits with us now, they are working hard with their corresponding people, and we are seeing the progress in the people we visit. It just makes us so pumped up to see the changes we are making in ourselves and the blessings that have come as a result. The church attendance in our ward has almost double since the push and everyone has been serving a lot more within the ward! It is amazing! Please help the missionaries in your areas!!! They need it and the people they visit need it. It is the best everrrrrr!

I love you all!!!!! Read the Book of Mormon!!!!

Elder Prattarata

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