Monday, June 9, 2014

My heart will go onnnnnnnnnnnn

I do not know why I put that as the title. I have had nothing to do with that song in like a bajillion years. I think the Enya music I have is getting to me and even reminding me of Celine.

HOW IS EVERYONE????? My life continues to get more and more interesting every time I stop to think about it. So many cool, not cool, funny, and not funny things happened this week!! 

SHOUT OUT TO GRANDMA BAKER, WHO HAD A BIRTHDAY. You´ve had a birthday, shout hooray. I want to sing to you today. One year older and wiser, too. Happy birthday to you! (Yes, I still remember the primary songs every once in a while).

So, the news you have all been waiting for....... I PLAYED PIANO. The Lord gave me a tender mercy and didn´t make me play for the youth´s special musical number, and I even escaped playing the first hymn. I did play the sacrament hymn and the closing hymn and I just have to say that, all jokes aside, I actually did not fail. I messed up a few times and blah blah blah but I felt like really good about it at the end. I was so relaxed because all saturday night and sunday morning I was stressing out about it (it didn´t help that sunday morning, while picking up an investigator to go to church with us, we almost got jumped again. I was so stressed and so not in a good mood that when the punks started coming up to us, I picked up this little wooden pole that was on the ground and was about ready to stress-relief on the punks´ face. Luckily, I snapped out of it and my comp and I just ran away ahahh. gooooooood times.)

This week we had a conference with Elder Uceda, one of the Seventy and our area president. HE IS SO GREAT. There were different sessions, one for just mission leadership in the morning, one for all the missionaries from Bogotá in the afternoon, and one for the missionaries and those from the ward council at night. My comp and I were there in the various meeting without leaving the chapel from 8 in the morning to 8 at night and it was spectacular. Absolutely spectacular.

Recently, the sister missionaries who live right by the temple have started to offer guided tours of the temple grounds from investigators. We went with some investigators who are gonna get married and baptized soon and it was a blast. The temple is sooo great and the Spirit there is just so strong. I love to seeeeee the teeeeeeemple

Sulma, the 25 year-old who got baptized a month ago, is doing GREAT. in the gospel principles class, she opened up (she is kinda shy with people she doesn´t know too well) and shared her testimony of the Atonement after we watched a video called "The Mediator." Man. Man. Man. There isn´t a better feeling than hearing a recent convert sharing her testimony. It jsut is great. There isn´t really a way to describe it. I cried a tiny wee bit, but don´t tell her because she will laugh at me hahahah.

IIIIII dont have any more time. I loveyou all!!!!!!

ttarP redlE

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