Monday, March 24, 2014

My list of talents increase along with my humility


When I get home I am going to know everything about hjow to build my own house. This week, we patched a ceiling and spray painted with a home-made engine/air compressor. BATTABING BATTABOOM. Late this week, there is a good chance we will stucco a guys wall and ceiling, but I did that in my last areas so I´m pretty comfortable doing that.

So I just want to make it clear that my description last week of the piano situation was not in any way an exaggeration. It really was AWFUL. But as I am writing this letter, the bishop and another sister in the ward who takes care of the music have been calling me asking to play piano for a special musical number for sacrament meeting this sunday. I think the Men in Black came by and did that button-press-everyone-forgets-everything thing. I don´t know. Well at least this time I´ll know beforehand (not that I´ll have time to practice anyway, but oh well hahahah).

Sometimes as a missionary, you are on your feet all day. Like literally all day. From 10 in the morning to 9 at night, you might spend like 2 hours sitting down. I eat so so much but I don´t get fat because we spend all day walking sometimes. It is pretty crazy btu then also super awesome when you realize. Good times.

Also this week, I ate ceviche for the first time. It was a little sketchy making it and eating it here becuase there isn´t really fresh fish, but we made it happen and it was quite tasty and I didn´t even get sick. BOOYAH I have such a strong stomach these days.

So this lady that has a store in front of our apartment complex is an investigator of ours and she is super cool. She has like no times at all because her job and boss are LAME but we get to have some good chats in her store, she was able to escape her job one sunday and come to church, and she is just a really nice lady. (she is the one who went to Mass to give thanks for the things she had learned with us). She has had a hard time understanding the Restauration of the Gospel so this week, we tried a new method and left her the video of the Restauration (of abotu 19 minutes) so she could watch it in the free moments she has in the afternoons sometimes. We went by the next day to check up on how it went and she was like, "Oh it was such a beautiful video, I really loved it!" We were stoked. We asked her what she learned from the video. She told us that she learned about perserverance. . . .. .. . .. . . cool. We tried to talk about why she said she learned that and all this good stuff and man it was like a bummer. She didn´t really get it. Then she told us that she also liked how it was on  a farm and stuff. . .. . . . .. . .awesome. We are gonna have to try a new method. Something that I´ve learned is that you can´t push people to try to change or grow faster than what theycan do. Sometimes, we just see errors in people in what they do, what they say, how they are, and you can just get frustrsated. But what we have to do is just help them grow and learn and change, btu at their pace. Be patient and congratulate them for the things they accomplish and the steps they make and keep motivating them, but not push than they can run. Remember, it is not requisite that a man run faster than he has strength. That is the case with everyone here, investigators, missionaries, companions, members, leaders, everyone. It is also true back there. If you feel frustrated with the progress (or lack thereof) of another person, try to practice the eternal virtue of patience.

I love you allllllllllllllllllllllllllll. I send you all virtual abrazos. if you don´t get that last word, google it and practice your spanish.


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