Monday, March 24, 2014



I left my notes in my other agenda in the house soooo I´m going to have to try to remember everything. 

WE HAD TRANSFERSSSSSS and ............. NOTHING CHANGEDDDD Im still here in Suba with Elder Landa. we own this place. 

SULMA GOT BAPTIZED and it was the best thing ever. she shared her testimony at the end and MAN it was just crazy. she has such a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon and her faith is amazing. She is the bomb.

A NEW DRUNK GUY CAME UP TO ME on saturday and he, with his crossed eyes, stared at me a long time without saying anything. Then he looked at my nametag and tried to read my name but then he confessed that he " couldn´t see so well." I tried to help him by saying it, but he ended up hearing "Elber Praff". Then, recognizing my gringo-features and getting to the conclusion that I spoke no spanish at all, he put his hand on his chest like Tarzan and grunted out "John. John. JOHN." I politely responded, "Good afternoon." He then continued staring at my nametag and, with all of thhe focus that he could muster out, he read the name of Christ. He then affirmed that he "liked that church" and that he "was a big fan of the Bible." I congratulated and tried to not pay attention to my laughing companion. I don´t know why they all find me so interesting. I wish they wouldn´t ahha.

We have found some reallly good new investigadores of late. As a mission we are really pushing the "talk with everyone" thing right now and sometimes we find some pretty great people. We are working right now with a man named Wilson who is from the Colombian coast. He is super cool and a man of a lot of faith. the majority of the men from the coastal areas (mostly people of African descendance) are sooo great. They are really faithful and know that God is more important that anything else. A lot of people here have a hard time making time to talk to us, go to church, or even do the little things like praying and reading. But Wilson has been a stud. he works like soooo many hours a week (work hour laws here like dont matter) but he makes appointments with us in his sleeping time so we can chat. Even though he has no time hardly to think, he always makes time to do the reading assignments we leave and not just reads them, but understands, ponders, and comes to such great conclusions. He has a huge desire to put his life in order and repent. It is amazing. Also, he is already married (one in a hundred here)!!!! if he keeps goign how he is going right now, he is getting baptized the 29th of march!!

THE MISSION IS COOL. If you haven´t done it, you should try it sometime. If you ca´t go out full time, go out on visits with the Sisters or Elders. It is a blast!



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