Monday, March 24, 2014


That doesn´t quite sound how I want to. But I don´t really care hahah. What it is supposed to mean is that my comp and I are PROS at helping people move. In the 3 weeks we have been together here in Suba, we have done 4 moves. It is crazy how many people our moving in our area and in our district. We have done a crazy amount of moves and service activities, including Saturday morning we put down a cement floor in this members house. It was INTENSE but super fun. we are prety much tearing it up over here hahaha.

The work here in Suba is a blast, we are working super hard and trying even harder to find new people. Sometimes it is so awkward to just like stop someone in the street walking and contact them, but sometimes it totally gives killer results. We are working hard to talk to EVERYONE. I feel so uncomfortable sometimes but you just like do it and throw it down and it can be pretty fun.

I don´t know if you guys remember my theory about Dopple-Latins, but it is true and going strong. I think that there just ahs to be a limit of different combinations of nose, eyes, face, mouth, and, everything that sometimes it is just the same exact person, just with like slightly darker skin and hair hahaha. It always makes me laugh. 

SOOOOOOO we have this one investigator named Sulma and she is sooooo great. She like knew she had to attend church, so before she even had her next job lined up good, she just quit and made it happen. She then spends all of her free time (which doesnt exist hardly) reading the Book of Mormon and STUDYING it. Like she is like "Oh hey so I was reading this story about Nephi and his brothers and man it was really touching my heart and then I read this one verse where Nephi says ´I will go and do because the Lord prepares the way´ and I was like crying because it was so true and that´s how he has been with me in my life!" Wouldn´t it be great if we all just studied that example of her? If so many of us have testimonies and believe things or even know things, why don´t we act with the faith that she acts with? Everytime we talk to here, I just leave feeling so pumped and ready to do everything better. Man, THE MISSION IS SO COOL.

Humility is a crazy thing. It is so intense. Remember that scripture that says that the guilty take the truth to be hard? If someone is trying to help you and tells you that you can be better in something (they can say it nicely or not so nicely), don´t get mad. It you are getting mad, it is because you are not being humble and instead are being prideful. I learned that this week. Well, I learned it more. Or again. Sometimes I am dumb and need a couple of tried to learn things. BUt yeah, humility is super hard but like super the key to like all of the happiness in the world. TRUE LIFE


Elder Pratt

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