Monday, March 24, 2014


As you may have seen in the subject, I HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY AND NO TIMEEEEEEE but here goes nothing:

IT RAINED SO MUCH THIS WEEK AND SO HARD. THAT IS SOMETIMES ANNOYING but sometimes its fantastic because here in Bogotá with the sun and the altitude it just gets so hot sometimes. It´s a good thing I use sunscreen (but the sunscreen, I discovered, is what has been staining my shirts. STUCK BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE).

This week in church they made me give a talk, which is fine, but they told me right as the meeting was gonna start. That´s totally fine and plenty of time, but then somebody told them that I played piano (BUMMER) so they made me play piano hahahaha. I hate playing piano in church but its better than using the bishops cell phone and the microphone hahah

SULMA IS AMAZINGGGGGGG we had a lesson with her yesterday where we were helping her prepare for the baptismal interview and at one point, my comp asked her, "Why do you want to get baptized?" She responded, "Well I want to cleanse myself of my sins and make covenants with God."  SHE IS THE BEST EVERRRRRRRRRR. I have never seen someone more repented and ready to change in my life. It is a pleasure have been able to participate in her progress. Her baptism is this week!!!

A TAXI GUY THOUGHT I WAS ARGENTINIAN. That means my spanish is getting more native! But I can´t be Colombian cause not that many colombians are as white and blue eyed as me. But a lot of Argentinians are and the well-traveled-taximan thought I was Argentinian! I love when stuff like that happens!

Doris, and investigator of ours, went to a special session of Mass last wednesday to show her thanks to God for the things she has learned with us! She told us and my comp and I were like hmmmmmmmm well awesome! We are gonna try to help her understand a bit more of the Great Apostasy and the Restoration.

YESTERDAY when we were outside on the street waiting to meet some other Elders, A DRUNK GUY CAME UP and told us a bunch of stuff. He was mainly focused on me cause I´m foreign and HE WAS CRAZY. He was telling us a lot of stuff that he deffffffffinately should not have told us... I was jsut trying to tell the poor guy to shut up and go home, but he wouldn´t stop talking and telling me things that I just don´t wan to know ahhaha. That was a fun little conversation. But then he gave us some bread at the end so its all good cause we were super hungry ahahha. Being a missionary s sometimes weird.

THURSDAY, they cut our WATER. longgggg story. But then we paid and they should´ve reconnected it and yada yada yada but the weren´t going to reconnect our water back until TUESDAY. But that was not waht the contract said. So on Saturday, I made a phone call. They phone answer people canb´t do anything really, but I (respectfully, don´t worry mom) made it very clear that what they were doing was NOT OKAY and TOTALLY AGAINST THE CONTRACT and let´s just say I pushed some buttons. But they said maybe Tuesday we´d have our water back. Well. So we left, worked normal and all, and when we got home that night, we had water again. BATTABING BATTABOOM made it happen, yo.

Okay, well I hope y´alls are doing well! I love you all! 

Elder Pratch (we have a brazilian sister in our zone and she has a hard time with my name)


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