Monday, March 24, 2014



SOOO this week was a week of some super cool moments. We had a killer meeting with our mission president and it was awesome. It is crazy how many things you just don´t know and just gotta do better. My comp and I left super pumped and ready to get the show on the road. We are gonna take this place DOWNNNNNN

and we are gonna start with Sulma´s baptism. After a bunch of junk with her jobs and her son and this neighbor´s kid who like needed plastic surgery from a crazy fall and a whole group of weird stuff, she finally got to come to church with us yesterday!!!! She had been going to church before she moved here (like a few months ago) but will a crazy amount of stuff, she hadn´t been able to be with us on Sundays but now she can. She is amazing. She has sooooo much faith and is so humble. She was having hard time accepting a baptism date because she feels so guilty for her past mistakes and problems and a bunch of stuff (thta she, by the way, left alllll behind before she even met the missionaries because she is just a woman of true, accion-filled faith) but she now is super pumped and will be baptized in 2 weeks. We are soo happy for her. Keep her in your prayers so everything goes well with her job and her son so she can be perfectly ready for the 22nd of February!!!!

Soooooooo my comp and I were walking down the street after an appointment and we were just like going totally normal and boom I saw on the side of the street a dead guinea pig. As we walked by, I was like "man that´s like pretty gross" and he said "what?" and so I pointed to the dead guinea pig. He turned, we walked backa few steps, and stopped and were looking at it for like a minute just like bummed out and a little bit grossed out (well he was bummed out because in Peru the eat them and they are delicious and a bit expensive, and I was bummed cause it was like sad but also just pretty gross). So we were just like looking at it and this lady walked by and stopped and was like "Oh man thats so sad blah blah blah" so what does my comp do? True to our goal of talking to EVERYONE and contacting like EVERYONY, he goes "Have you ever seen missionaries like us before?" and she says no, we talk a tiny bit about our message and stuff, and then we are just there staring at the dead guinea pig again. then, Using the exact same sentence, wording, and tone of his voice, my comp asks, "Have you ever seen a dead guinea pig like this one before?" (In this moment, you have to remember who I am and my personality) I just lost it. I just starting laughing out loud because it was just tooo much for me. Man, I love street contacting. You just have to take advantage of teh situations that God puts in your way. But now, we have an appointment later this week with Sandra.

IN CASE YOU DIDN´T KNOW, Enya makes really relaxing music and while only good in small doses, it is quite nice.

HA so this week I got a bit sick from some food that we got and at one point I asked my comp if we could stop by the house for a sec. He responded, "Don´t worry bro, I´ve had almost all Gringo comps." What a great guy, am I right??? empathetic. My comp is such a pal! :)


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