Monday, March 24, 2014


MY LIFE IS SO CRAZY. This week my companion and I had like the craziest experience ever in my life. It was AMAZING.

SOOOOOOOOO yesterday in the chapel after sacrament meeting, a new sister who we didn´t know (and from the looks of her a member of yearssss) came up to us and asked us where she was supposed to go for the next class. We got to talking and turns out she wasn´t a member, but it was her second time in a meeting with us and wanted to learn more. She had seen our chapel and was looking for God in her life and went online and found a bunch of stuff that she loved and looked online for the chapel schedule and came last week to church. It was stake conference, so she got there a few hours early and some members told her to come back later and she went at the different hour, was there alone, and went home alone without talking to anyone. She said she loved it and decided to come back again this week. She was in all three hours, went to Gospel Principles and loved it and participated and even gave the closing prayer (and it was a BEAUTIFUL prayer) and wow. She started telling us a bit more and how the missionaries visited her family when she was about 14 (she is about 30) and her family didn´t really like it but she did and the image always stayed in the back of her mind. She asked us about how she could buy a Book of Mormon, how she could pay her tithing, and even signed up to give us lunch this Saturday!!! It was like the best thing of my entire life. I was so so so so so so happy that I almost screamed like a small girl (but I didn´t, don´t worry). It was like the best ever. Keep Liliana in your prayers so she can keep progressing!

Well after that, like everything else in the week basically seemed super unimportant. I have had a cold like a loser, but I have all the cool colombian tricks to get rid of a cold faster, like agua panela con limón and noraver and all the good stuff. Also today, we were playing soccer as a zone and it was a blast. There was one funny moment when we were playing micro (soccer, but with a smaller weighted ball and you play on a basketball court and with these small goals) and I tried to be a hero and nail this one header in, but the goalie also tired to be a hero and decided to, instead of using his hands, head, or shoulder, kick the ball and just kicked me in the head. I´m like decently tall and wasn´t really bent over to try to header it so he had to go karate kid on me and nailed me in the head. Luckily he didn´t kick very hard qand it was jkust the side of my head. It was funny. I don´t really have too much of a headache anymore ahhahaa. (for those of you who were worried more about the goal than my life, I didn´t hit the ball cause my head was pushed out of the way by his foot, but one of my teammates hit it in and we scored so DON´T WORRY)

The lame thing about living int he city of Bogotá is the food prices. In the little pueblos (like my last two areas), fruit is soooooo cheap and it is the best ever. But here in the city, it is a JOKE. In my last area, I would buy papaya like almost every day because a big one costs 800 pesos (like 40 cents) but here in the city, I bought one of the same size for 2600 pesos (like 1.15 dollars) and I WAS SO MAD but its okay. Its still kinda cheap when you put it in gringo perspective, but APOSTASY for my colombian self. We are working on it.

The fruit here has a good side and a bad side. In the states, you guys have a wide variety of all perfectly little genetically altered fruit - fruit that is great, but the drop the potential quality a bit so all is good instead of having some good and some not so great. Here, it is allllll natural baby, which means the fruit is soooooo RICH and DELICIOUS and it is the best ever. DOWNSIDE: because its not genetically altered (like the mandarin and orange for example), my fruit comes with seeds. Sometimes when you are so hungry and not paying attention, you swallow the seeds and then just feel like you are going to get apendicitis (I cannot remember how to spell that in english). It is a dangeruos but delicious game.

THOUGHT OF THE WEEK: I think it was like Eleanor Roosevelt (or maybe Grandma Baker, I don´t remember) that said something like, "He who takes offense when none was intended is a fool. He who takes offense when it was intended is probably a fool too." I am a fool. Don´t be a fool. Either type. I am trying not to be such a fool. Join me in the fight against foolishness.


Elder Pratch

(One of these days I am going to write a letter in spanish just so you all try to remember your Freshman spanish class that you slept through or try to put in in Google Translate and get frustrated when nonsense comes out. Or maybe you´ll just think I have bad grammar. Whatever.)

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