Monday, June 9, 2014

I hate to judge but old ladies with beards scare me

For those of you still learning spanish, I am disappointed in you. Spanish is the coolest. There are so many things that you just say in spanish so easily but you just can´t say in english. It is a real disappointment sometimes when I am talking in english to someone who is not bilingual and I can´t just say the phrase in spanish and they understand me hahahah.

Sometimes as a missionary, you have a cold for a few weeks that you just can´t get rid of. This is fun, because every single person you visit tells you some secret magic remedy passed down from the generations, be it a drug they bought in the store that changed their life or, most commonly here in Colombia, a mix of herbs that you have never heard of that they put in a drink that doesn´t even exist in your country and give it to you at the temperature of lava. It gets kinda cold here and the drinks are tasty so it is pretty much the best ever. I love the people here.

Also, sometimes as a missionary, you just like stop with the cute little discussions and you get real with people. (I will always remember the talk from Holland about the coach "getting in your face.") We have this lady who is less-active and is a great lady, but has a pretty crazy story and some pretty bit challenges in her life and uses them as excuses to not go to church, but, as we know, God´s commandments aren´t for when we feel like it, or when it´s easy, they are lines draw in the sand. We do it, or don´t. She, for a long time, was just not doing it. We like her a lot and she likes us a lot, but we just had to get down to business on Saturday and talk about the Sabbath Day and attending church. We, with all of the love in the world (and remember, real loves tells the truth) we talked to her and told her how things were. It got a bit strong in one moment, but I felt that I needed to say the words I said and in the specific way I said them, my comp as well. After that moment, she looked down, thought for a minute, then said, "Okay. Rain or thunder, I am going to church tomorrow." Aaaaaaand she did. Aaaaaaaand she brought her non-member husband. Aaaaaaaand it was awesome. As missionaries, we have been set apart and we have authority from God to do what we do. I is pretty great to see the miracles that come when we remember that and exercise it.

A lot of the people here don´t have the musical background that we gringos have. Many of us grow up with a history of music and a basic understanding of how it all goes. That is not so true here. It can be really funny sometimes, when they pick songs in sacrament meeting that nobody knows and either nobody sings or they kinda all just gregorian chant it. It is a blast. That happens like almost every week. It is sad but so great. Sometimes when we have appointments with people in their homes, we like to sing hymns with them. Sometimes, they have no idea what´s going on but they just sing with all their hearts and do their very best, It is so great! I love seeing and feeling (and hearing) that faith! Sometimes I like to think that their little other melodies that happen are just cool harmonies thta I just hadn´t thought aobut before. I try not to think that because sometimes it makes me giggle a bit and that makes me feel like the bad person I am ahhahaa.

Life is great here in Colombia and we are working hard. Keep us in your prayers and we will see what we can do to get stuff pushing even more here in Suba. I love you alll!!!!!!
Elder Pratt

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