Monday, June 9, 2014

My second Mother´s Day as a missionary

I feel oldishly young.


Anyway anyway, this week was super cool. I feel like I basically have told all my stories of the week because yesterday I talked to my fam, but then like 3 crazy things have happened in the past 24 hours that changed everything. Venga le cuento.

YESTERDAY AFTERNOON, we went to visit this familiy and they have this super old grandma. Like super old. she can´t hear or anything and doesn´t have teeth and nobody can like understand her, but sometimes she just gets excited when we come and sits with us and starts smiling and nodding. It is really sweet. But yesterday, it just got crazy because she  sometimes gets excited with visitors and jsut wants to talk and nobody, I mean nobody, can make her stop talking. She just started talking and talking and talking and nor my comp nor I could understand. But everyone is just used to talking oever her, so we taught the lesson with her chatting along. They say she jsut sits down adn starts telling us like all these crazy historical natural remedies for sicknesses and stuff that she has learned over the generations, which is basically the coolest thing ever, but we had to give the lesson instead of taking notes this time. It actually turned out to be a pretty great lesson. They family really felt the Spirit and is progressing. Good times.

LAST NIGHT, we were visiting a brother who has been doing some fixes to his house. Right now, he has a pile of sand in one part of his floor. We were visiting him and his familiy when suddenly, their cat decided that the sand pile was his litter box. The cat went to the bathroom and I saw so I motioned to the brother and said, "woah!" The brother jumped up and started yelling and the kids started screaming and everyone just got super crazy and his 9 year old, who was playing with little army men at the time, also joined in the fight. The kid ran over as fast as he could and aimed his trusty little army man at the cat and started making shooting noises as loud as he could. Amazingly, the shooting noises scared the cat away before he got hit by the grandpa. Gooood times.

THIS MORNING, we went to go play micro, which is like soccer, but like on a basketball court and with a ball that is heavy and small and stuff. I tired to nail the bad boy and I am a dumb gringo and kicked the ground so so so so so hard that I thought I was gonna die. It was reaaaaaaally funny. My foot is totes fine but my toe hurts like a thing that hurts very badly. We think my toe nail is gonna fall off, which is pretty much the coolest thing ever. Goooooood times.

SO yeah. My week basically memorable. I unfortunately wasted all my time telling dumb stories, but know that we are working hard, teaching by the Spirit, and learning a lot. Life is great here! As the Master would say, he who loses his life for my sake, shall find it. The real life and happiness is found in service. At least that much I have learned.

And, as the second most important master would say: Love you all, I do.

Elder Pratt

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