Monday, June 9, 2014


We had transfers today but I am staying in Suba! I have been here for a bit more than 4 months and I should be here for another month and a half. I am so pumped!

Sometimes, after being a missionary for a long time, you think you have just seen it all. When you start to think that, God shows you that you are very mistaken. This past Sunday, I was feeling pretty comfortable, but the Big Guy made sure to let me know that up until that point, I had never had one of our invited guests to the chapel have an epileptic seisure. So yeah, basically I am thankful for the first aid merit badge and my sometimes dependable memory. Thanks to our good buddy the Holy Ghost, I was able to remember what I needed to remember and everything turned out juuuust fine (why, yes of course the Holy Ghost reminded me, haven´t you read John 14:26?). Good times haha. 

A young man from our ward got his mission call this past week, Mexico Mexico City North. He comes to appointments with us when he can and is going to be an excellent missionary. We are so pumped for Felipe!

This week, for the first time in my life, I lost my wallet. It was kinda a bummer. It just had stuff that can get replaced, like my temple recommend, my 
ID card from Colombia, and a bus card, but other stuff that can´t, like a usb drive (I have almost everything backed up though so it´s okay) and some money. Kinda a bummer. I think I left it in a taxi at night and we had contacted the taxi driver so I had his phone number and we called him the next morning and he said that I hadn´t left anything there. hmmmmmmmm not sure if I believe him or if someone else just found it first. Oh well, life goes on haha.

WORLD: If you have not, watch this video. If you have, watch it again. plz.
(If the link doesn´t work, it is the video of "I´ll Go Where You Want Me to Go")

Please do these things. Please. It makes allll the difference in the world, it really does.

I love everyone in the whole wide world, except for the man (or woman, let´s not be sexist here) who invented food that makes you feel sick. Also slow internet.


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