Saturday, October 11, 2014

(clever title)


This week was super cool. Like really hard for some stuff that went down, but super fun. On saturday, we had a conference in Sogamoso with our mission president which was AWESOME. On Friday afternoon we had to get on the bus and travel there (that was the worst ever. 5 hours on a suuuuuper windy, unpaved road.............) with a super cool view the whole way there and it was awesome to get there, see some buddies, and then have the conference the next morning. President Andelin is so cool, my life is the best ever. Then in the afternoon on Saturday we got on the bus to go back (TORTURE SO MUCH TORTURE) and we got home late. It was a killer weekend. WE had some really great investigators at church and it was a just a good day. Now that I go back and think about it, actually a crazy amount of really awful things happened and I could be super bummed right now, but I dunno I just feel in a super good mood. Maybe it is because I ate a hamburger with beef and chicken on it today.... who knows....

PRO TIP say please and thank you. Please do it. Thank you for doing it.

I LIKE TO TAKE PICTURES I have this thing that I take a crazy amount of pictures and go suuuper hard with my cam sometimes and people like make fun of me and are like woah bro you are a nut and I am like dude its better to delete extra pictures or have too many than be like oh snap I with I would´ve taken a pic of that man I am so dumb. And they just laugh and laught and make jokes, then the next day they are like bro can you lend me your memory card so I can copy those pictures and I am like hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yeah. 

OTHER PRO TIP start your conference prep now. we all know what happens wen we delay the day of our repentance...... I AM SO EXCITEDDDDDDD

wellllll I have to go so I will have to stop this letter. PEACE OUT

Elder Frackt!!! (that is what this guy said in Elder´s Quorum on Sunday when he called on me to answer a question. cool.)

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