Saturday, October 11, 2014


- Iguana hunting is the best
- In this past week, I have taught 12 hours of English classes to all types of levels, from braaaaand new to decently advanced. Pretty gnarly. (The "why" is a loooong story. to be short, an investigator who has an English institute and all of the teachesr peaced out for like crazy lame reasons, so we are helping in the mean time.)
- We are making a choir in the Yopal branch! It is super fun but hard because like nobody here reads music or has ever sung in a choir ever. But it is fun. Also, music ahs like a whooooooole set of vocab that is different and I don´t have much practice with it, but it´s cool. I am learning a lot too! (but pleeeeease pray for us!)
- MTV´s "Teen Mom" has got nothing on Colombia..
- So far here in Yopal, we have had a looot of success in finding people to teach. there are a lot fo people who are ready to hear us and want to listen and change their lives, but the trouble is getting them to act. They want to and talk and commit themselve to do things, but then they don´t act in the end and it can be kind of had. We have to work really hard to gives them priorities so tehy do the little stuff, like go to church, read the scriptures, and pray. But, when they start up, it is awesome. We have been reading the Book of Mormon with Islena every day and she is super pumped up and learning a lot. We are really happy for her and trying to keep her going and help prepare her for her baptism! She is pumped!

This has been another edition of SPEED LETTER. THANKS FOR WATCHING!

Elder Pratt loves you. BELIEVE IT

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