Saturday, October 11, 2014

el fin se acerca y hay poco tiempo

I HAVE NO TIME and there is a little chubby kid leaning on my chair in the internet café. LIFE IS GOOD.

Wellllllllllllll this week was crazy weird. We were having a super good week but them some stuff was gong down in the city so we had to wait it out for a while and couldn´t work normal which was a bummer, but everything is normal now so we are gonna turn it up again. 

During the downtime, I got talking with another Elder and we starting remembering the movies Sister Act. Man, those movies are so good it makes me just have one of those awkward loner smiles here in this internet cafe thinking about them.


We had the really cool experience this week of hearing a bit more about the story of a less active kid. He is 18 and got baptized with his family about a year ago, but was super disanimated and didn´t want to go to church, was gonna go to the army, and just kinda throw it all away. When we got here a few weeks ago, we were able to meet him and have a few little appointments and good stuff. We found out that he was doing pretty bad, even had some restrictions of stuff he couldn´t do in church and stuff. So we got talking and teaching and he showed up at church our first Sunday in a t-shirt and jeans. Then we had a few more appointments, and the next week he showed up in a collared buttoned shirt. Last week when we were visiting him, he said that the week before, he felt something in the chapel that he had never felt before. He picked up the Book of Mormon and started reading and in two days was in 2 Nephi. He threw his plans away to go to the army and now he is talking to the leadership in the area to make the arrangements to go on a mission! Yesterday, he went to church in a white shirt and nice pants! Pray for Brayan so he can keep up these changes he is making in his life!

Clarity is soooo important. Too often, we dance around things and don´t say what we mean. Clarity and love are soooooo important if you want to help someone makes changes in their life. Try it out.

If you have sent me personal letters and I didn´t respond, just know that it´s not you, it´s me. Don´t make this harder than it has to be. It just wasn´t our moment, it was just bad timing, and all the other breakup excuses haha.

I HAVE NO TIIIIIIME but I do have LOVE for y´alls. Yeah.

Elder Pratt

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