Saturday, October 11, 2014


I am so sorry to everyone that I have neglected thes weeks. My life is just crazy sometimes and I have no time for anything, but I will try to write a bit more this week.

Soooo much has happened in these weeks with the people here in Yopal. We have seen some families spilt up, a lady get in a huge family fight and run away 5 days before her baptism, investigatores who have just had amazingly terrrible things happen to them, and even a few ugly dog bites (don´t worry mom, i didn´t get bit hahaha). But We have seeen sooo many miracles. It has been amazsing how we have seen the Lord´s hand in our lives and in the work here. I am just loving life in Yopal. Well, if we had clean water here I might like it a bit more, but it´s all good ahha.

Last week, we got invited by some members to go to a huge barbecue for the birthday of a few members and to celebrate the baby blessing of a super cool family here. It was awesome because it was huge and it was a great opportunity to meet a lot of friends who aren´t members and a lot fo new people. We met this super great family that we are going to visit of wednesday.  I am super pumped! Best of all (jk but almost), It was a real legit llanero barbecue. Yopal is famous for its barbecues and this one was for real. They make a circle of tall rods of meat called chusos (the pic I sent) and they start a big fire in the middle and the meat just come sout amazing. Also, they had a llanero band there which was sooo sweet. They were super fun and I took some videos AHHH YEAHHHH because life is the best.

These past weeks, we also painted a house, got a super great couple to finally come to church and they loved it (and they are super pumped for their baptisms comming up!), had more choir practices for the upcoming branch conference (it is getting actually better I am stoked), had some baptismal services, met soooo many new people, had interviews with President, and are basically rocking Yopal. The culture here is so cool and rich and I just love it so much. Oh yeah, and dog bite drama. They couldn´t get the rabies vaccine here so they had to go to Bogotá in bus (9 hours there, nine hours backkkkkk). My comp and I got to stay in yopal though. loserssssssss

Dude so in Colombia, like everyone and their mom has a like sowing place where they will taper pants and do all kinds of stuff for like super cheap. It is awesome and like alwasy turnes out super good and they are really freindly and do it well and its great. BUT. Everytime you do it in a new place, it is a bit of a dice roll, but you jsut go for it. Man I got WORKED this past week. I gave the lady a pair of pants to taper them a bit, we measured and decided everything, good to go. Listo. she take my pants and says tomorrow morning they´ll be ready. Perfect. So I go the next day and I look at them and I was like woah it looks lik you took them in a lot, right? and she told me the measuremetn and I was like WHAT????? that is 3 centimeters LESS than what we talked about, they were like super tight. and she had already cut the leg and everything. then I held the hem of the pant and looked at it and held the tow legs together and they were DIFFERENCE and a whole centimeter or two different and was liek ummmmmmmm WHAT DID YOU DO why did you do this to me and she was like oh um well normal I´ll fix that and I was like no cool don´t worry about it and I peaced out so she wouldn´t ruin them anymore. AWESOME THANKS LADY like now I have to take them to someone else and see what they can do to fix them. I put them on after and its suuuper noticeable that the legs are different widths and stuff. I don´t wanna judge or anything but I really like ahve a big of hatred in my heart for this lady now, but it´s okay, it is a good way for me to learn more about forgiveness I guess. I wish God would have given me a different test, but it´s like chill. that´s what I get for trying to get my pants hemmed for less that 3 dollars.

Listen to this song from the EFY cds form a super awesome guy who I saw in some shows before I came out. He is a stud. Look him up for his secular music too, it is super good. This song has a killer message. Ryan Innes

I love you all!!!!!1234ideclareathumbwar

Elder Praft

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