Saturday, October 11, 2014

I am a bad person.

I swear so many emergencies come up every week so I don´t write a decent letter and send pics. Weird stuff always happens. Like today, one of our buddies got bit by a dog and in the hospital they didn´t do anything nor give him anything, so I have to go brush off my first aid skills and wash the wound well (people jsut don´t know how to do it here...) while we wait for him to get a rabies shot. GOOD TIMES

also leading a choir of people who have never sung before is hard, but super gratifying when you make progress. It is going preeeetty well here adn we are just hoping to have it ready for the conference in 2 weeks! I think we are crazy!

soooo My life is good, we are working hard, and Elder Bentley probs doesn´t have rabies.
I love Colombia!!!!!

Elder Pratt

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