Saturday, October 11, 2014

My nail fell off

My nail fell off. I thought about sending a pic, but then I thought better. It would be just tooooo weird. 

Wellllllll howdy folks!


Seeing as I just sent an email liek 3 days ago, I don´t really have many new things to say. Libia got baptized, we had an awesome conference with our mission president, and other little baby things. It has been a crazy few weeks but they have been really great. I am learning sooooo much about everything. I feel like I am just having so many little experiences that are going to serve a LOT in my future life. I guess that´s one of the big blessings of being out here. These are lessons that I can learn here and now or maybe in some other time in the next 20 years and in much scarier cases. I am so happy to be out here.

Sometimes this silly thing happens where people don´t want to be obedient to mission rules (and like super big and important rules), you sit them down and tell them straight up as a friend that it can´t keep going and if it does, you are going to tell the president. They say okay and it won´t happen again, and the they keep doing it and get really mad at you when you tell President. Then they do it again and get mad at you. They send you angry text messages like a 14 year old girl and when you call them to try to talk it out, they ignore your calls and send more angry messages, talking about how they "don´t want any drama." It is interesting. I wish that kind of stuff wouldn´t happen, because it is like a joke. I find strength in the motto, "Don´t be an idiot."

Last week in one of the conferences with our mission president and his wife, his wife was talking about some stuff and totally made a reference to Galaxy Quest, saying, "Never give up. Never surrender. " I just about fell on the floor laughing (which totally happens sometimes. my comp makes fun of me.). Our mission president and his wife are the BOMB.

MUNDIAL EMPEZÓ LA SEMANA PASADA Y VA A SER TERRIBLE!!! tODO EL MUNDO SE EMBORRACHA Y CASI NADIE NOS ESCUCHA DURANTE LOS PARTIDOS. En secreto espero que Colombia no gane muchos partidos para que no estemos en esta vaina más tiempo. Pero, fue super chévere que pudiéramos ganar el primer partido el otro día. COLOMBIA ERES MI AMOR. Tengo un anillo de la bandera de Colombia y las personas en la calle son más receptivas al ver ésto. BOOM

Con mucho amor, 

Elmer Brack

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