Saturday, October 11, 2014



- We had a conference with President this week THAT WAS AMAZING and we talked a lot about inspired questions and IT WAS AMAZING and now I feel like I can be a better teacher and we put it in practice and it was the bomb and IT WAS AMAZING. I LOVE PRESIDENT ANDELIN
- In Latin America, the change the name of Master Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Master Rat. LAAAAME
- WE WENT TO A FARM and it was SO COOL because it had like crazy cool animals and they are all like exotic for us gringos (like toucans and parrots and iguanas and parakeets and capybaries and flamingo-meets-chicken and EVERYTHING) but the thing is the guy caught them all here just like close by like no big deal. I LOVE COLOMBIA
- Here in the Llano, it is like what would be a southern town. The older people here are like cowboys and super legit and they have leather-everything and wear boots and bit hats and listen to cool music. Look up the música llanera and it is all stringy adn super boss
- SO MANY INVESTIGATORS WENT TO CHURCH AND IT WAS SOOO COOL they had like a great time and went from like kind of maybe listening to us to like oh snap this stuff could be for real. Man, I just ove being a missionary it is so gratifying.
- I got to teach a group from the ward how to lead music for real because like nobody knows here and it was fun and I realized that all of my years in choir weren´t totally wasted hahaha
- (other random comment about how my life is weird but cool)


Please get this Nacho Libre reference:

Elder Prrrrack!

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