Monday, May 13, 2013

Progressing Investigators are the beeeest

Hey everybody! I hope all is well in the rest of the world. Life in Zipa goes on rainy but great!

SOOO Belén is awesome! She didnt get baptized this past week for some stuff that was going on with her fam and husband, but we got to visit her a lot this past week and she is super awesome. Totally progressing in the lessons and her faith is really growing. We laid out a new date for her for the 18th of May and she accepted with like some serious joy. It was super fun. She had been waiting for a big answer (like dream or big sign in the sky or something) on the Book of Mormon and the church and we talked to her about how the Holy Ghost works in a more simple way with our feelings and stuff and she realized that she had been getting some serious answers through her feelings and it was real nice. The next day when we went back, she told us that she had a dream that night that she got baptized and was studying the scriptures with us and was like super pumped and could fly and stuff. it was basically the coolest feeling ever. Before we left that day, she said, "Well now when people ask me what religion I am, I´m gonna have to say I´m a Mormon!"
Also I finished reading the book Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage yesterday. MAN that is a really cool good bok. reeeeeally cool. 10/10 would recommend.

So this one day we were at a members house and eating lunch and just talking a bit and the husband (who is like 35, married with two little daughters) was asking me alot about where im from. Usually i just say Southern California or close to Los Angeles or something like that, but he was wanting like much more specific so I was like um okay yeah cool sure. After a bit of time of that, I turn around too look at him working on the computer and he has Google Earth looking at Huntington Beach! With a bith of my guidance, we found our way to my house, which Google Earth has a Street View of so I got to see my front door and car and all. Preeeeeeetty weird but also crazy awesome. I miss technology a lot its so COOL.

Keep on being cool and supportive and stuff. Sorry I can´t send more personal letters to you all but just know you´re in my thoughts and prayers! I love you all!

Elder Flat (i dont understand why my name is so hard)

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