Saturday, March 2, 2013


Hey y´all! Life in Colombia is crazy but awesome!

Two new elders arrived last Wednesday night from 3 weeks in the Provo MTC, Elder Staley from So. Utah and Elder Frehner from Las Vegas. They´re both super fun to be around, which is good cause after this past wednesday, the three of us are companions! Their spanish is alright but we all are getting better each day. We taught our first lesson today as a companionship and its kinda weird keeping three people involved, especially when our none of our spanish is super great, but its exciting and is making us all better teachers.

This past week was pretty insane. soooooo much stuff happened. The Latin missionaries who arrived the same day as me in the CCM (about 60) left and the next group of missionaries (about 120) arrived. things here are so crowded its kinda out of control. This is the most amount of people they´ve housed here, so stuffs kinda ridic, but its also really exciting. plus a new district of about 8 gringos arrived fresh from the states which is always funny to watch, especially when they can´t find their way around nor ask for any help because they can´t talk to anyone haha. Baby steps, right?

This week my spanish has gotten really good. If i am a bit more patient, i can basically say whatever i want with correct grammar. A good thing since im prob headed to the field in 2 weeks. I´m getting a lot better at teaching and speaking during lessons, which just allows me to be able to really feel what i say which lets the Spirit do the converting. Its really a wonderful feeling when you can teach someone about something and try to help their life become better. There is nothing else in the world like it.

We got to go to the temple twice this past week and do some service there which was amazing as well. its really exciting and hard to have everything is spanish. it was also fun to see everything i had learned.

Also i went to the immigration office to register my visa and stuff. 1 hour in a government building and line. I believe that is a new world record.

Sarcasm gets me through the stress and my friends get my through the rest. This place is wonderful.

I dont have anymore time to write but things are great here and im having a blast. The Church is true, the Spirit is powerful, and I love Heavenly Father. He tryuly blesses our lives daily, we only need to stop and recognize the blessings we receive.

Hugs (long distance ones are mission-appropriate) and kisses (still waiting on word if long distance kisses are okay),

Elder Pratt

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