Sunday, March 24, 2013

CCM week 5

hey yall. greetings from the CCM, week 5. heres how my life has been:

So like I said, i got a latin compainion here for these last two weeks in the CCM and im in a Latin district too. its super hard, but also makes me like super pumped when i know everything thats going on and have succesful social interactions with the latins. My comps name is Elder Constan D´Montreuil and he is from Lima, Peru (grandpa is french). he speaks zero english, has a thick accent, talks fast and quite, and is literally the most shy person I have ever met in my entire life. It took him about 2 days to say anything to anyone but me, and only in the past two or three days have i started to break his shell and get him to open up to me. its been pretty rough during teaching and stuff too since I know how to teach (or at least am more familiar than he is), but he is so shy he wont hardly say anything. but we´re improving. He is headed to Ecuador at thde end of this next week while I´ll be up in Bogota North with a bunch of the Latins from this group. Good times.

Also fun fact about Constan, he has three older sisters who have met and married guys from the States from an LDS dating site, and only one of those guys speaks good spanish and none of his sisters really speak english. So basically the best story ive ever heard.

- i think every missionary goes through a Job Phase, where they start feeling like their life sucks and read the book of Job and stuff. (tis is not a cry for help- i am not in my job phase)
- Someday I hope my spanish allows me to speak my thoughts, not just make me think dumber thoughts
- the most annoying thing about movies that´re supposed to be in english but are dubbed in spanish is not the mouths not matching, but the laughing and baby giggles that people do. the dubbed people do them to and it is in fact
 extremely uncomfortable.
- retainer-wearing Alex sounds like a bolivian (shout out to the two people who read this and understand what I mean)
- i was playing basketball the other day and guarding my friend Elder Wilkerson who is 6´6" and he went up for a layiup real fast and my arm was there and my elbow hit his head real hard and he had to get stitches. it was real sad but also crazy awesome. he is tough and doesn´t hate me, don´t worry.

This has been a ripe week for DoppleLatins. we have seen the following come through:
- drew barrymore mixed with kelly clarkson
- my cousin megan baker (holla) mixed with a Bratz doll
- Grandmother Willow, from Pocahontas
- Jake Gyllenhall (less hot)
- David Blaine
- Tom Hanks
- A near perfect mix of Frodo and Sam (but it is a kid from the States)
- Ted mosby (also kid from the states)

I love you all and miss you! keep being cool and I will try to speak spanish done gooder than i done do right now.

The only ginger in 300 miles,
Elder Pratt

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