Thursday, October 24, 2013



but really.

super cool.

BUuuuuuuuuuuuut this has been a super exciting week. HIGHLIGHTS:
- After taking a small break from Rubix cubes for a time, I picked it up again today and I practiced- and I mean PRACTICED- and I achieved a new record. 63 seconds. and yes I will be studying humility later because I AM RIDICULOUSLY PRIDEFUL OF WHAT I DID. Next step: Break a minute.
- The computer where I am at right now is really great and that is a miracle!
- Elder Chauque, my beloved comp who doesn´t speak hardly English but likes to surprise me with stuff he knows, this week was getting off a bus but I was still sitting down and he yelled, "Pratt! Let´s go!" Also, in another ocassion in a totally perfect situation and with perfect usage, he called someone a "lady killer" and I just about shed a tear laughing.
- I met some members in Bogotá this weekend and we were chatting and he asked where I was from anad I said California. He asked what part. I said close to Los Ángeles. What city. Well, like an hour south, along the coast. What beach. Huntington. "Oh that´s a really pretty beach, huh?" I was like ummmm yeah thanks totally so how on earth do you know and he says well I was there 2 weeks ago I should know. Ha. Ha. Haha. Well. that was a funny experience. 

- If someone offers you eat some cow intestine in a mixture and it might not be totally cooked, lie. Say you are allergic. Say you can´t. Think of what you answer will be now so when the situation comes, you are ready. DO NOT EAT IT AT ALL COSTS. When you do choose to eat it and regret it the next day, remember me. Remember this moment. Remember my name. elder ALEX WILCKEN PRATT. YEah, my middle name is wilcken. You will especially remember that part cause it seems super random. BUT whatever you do DON´T EAT IT.

IF I had time to say all of my thoughts of the conference, I would use it. But. Instead, I will name names and you will have to look up the talks and listen to them for yourselves and then ACT ON WHAT YOU HEAR AND LEARN. Ifthe named people gave more than one talk, READ THEM ALL please :) (listed in no particular order)
- Dieter F. Uchtdorf (powerhouse this guy), Neil L. Andersen (Priesthood is a crazy cool thing and guys don´t let it get to your heads cause that´s like so so so so bad and annoying it´s crazy), Robert D. Hales (follow the counsel, be blessed. Pretty simple), Ulisses Soares, D. Todd Christofferson, Arnulfo Valenzula, L. Tom Perry, Henry B. Eyring, Richard J. Maynes, David A. Bednar ("I invite you to consider your ways, and repent." BOOM), David M. McConkie, ummm who else oh and I forgot one TOMMY THE HEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (that´s Thomas S. Monson, Prophet, Seer, and Revelator, ladies and gents)

I love you all. I hope you are all doing great. I miss you and I pray for you. Keep the prayers coming to San Lucho. We need them, man. PEACE OUT MY HOMIEzzzzzzzz

ELDER Alex Wilcken PRATT

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