Monday, September 30, 2013

my life gets more and more interesting everytime I stop and think about it

It´s true. It´s super weird actually. But also cool I guess haha.

- My camera memory card picked up a virus and it like desstroyed a lot of my photos. We have an investigator here who repairs computers. He offered to take it, suck alllllll the photos that it has ever had and restore them, reformat my memory, then give me the photos back. I ended up scoring some old photos from BYU, including photos from when I had my hair moderately crazy and my dirty old mustache. My comp got a real kick out of that. He said I look really young nowadays hahaha.
- Our investigator who was stuck in open union (or whatever it´s called in english) got separated and is now living with her mom! we have big plans coming up!
- I want all of you to think for a second about how much Mexican food you eat in your life. Yeah. A lot. Now think about how much more you would eat if you spent a semester in college and that was your specialty. Yeah, a lot. Now I want you to think about how I don´t eat like ANY mexican food these days. Think about the emptiness in your life. Think about the hole that exists in your heart. Yeah, it´s large. Now think about the resulted happiness when a really nice lady in the branch makes lunch for the elders and makes taco salad. Yeah, i´m talking beans with ground beef. Cheese. A salad (that isn´t just onions, like many Colombians make). Avocado. Colombian version of Fritos. I almost cried.
- Vanessa, an investigator of ours, came to church this week!!! It was the first time she had been to church in a loooooooong time. Her mom is a member of some 20 30 years who basically never comes to church, her sister just left on a mission, and her grandparents are also members who never come (and have some moderately apostate ideas, like the Holy Ghost is more important than God the Father and Jesus Christ and is the one that commands in all things.... okay maybe super apostate) but they came all together to church! It was basically the best thing ever. We learned this week that she totally has a testimony of like everything and knows a lot, but she is rebellious and is scared of change. She is one of those teenagers who basically just does what she wants, but she is cool. We are hoping to make some good progress this week and get her a baptismal date for the 19th of October. Pray a lot for her!
- Some really sketchy stuff happened here in San Lucho and the legal system is a piece of junkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk and I don´t understand how they make their decisions sometimezzzzzzzzzz but whatevs

So many things I could say about my beloved Colombia these days. But I shall refrain. lol

The scriptures are really cool. Also they are really good for teaching us stuff preeeeetty clearly. Like how the Godhead totally isn´t one person with three names, shapes, and forms, but it is three people with one purpose. If you have doubts, read the New Testament. Or just read Matthew 3 when Jesus is baptized and all three members of the Godhead present themselves in different forms. Or in Acts 7 when Stephen (I don´t remember if he spells it Stephen or Steven or whatever in english. Esteban.), while full of the Holy Ghost, sees God the Father and Jesus Christ at his side. Hmmmm. Interesting, eh? SO this week when some investigators of ours the other day told us that there church taught that they were only one person, we (lovingly and with the Spirit, calm down) helped them understand the truth. It was a nice experience. My comp and I were reading this one talk the other day from the past General Conference (WHICH btw I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS WEEKEND) where one of the 12 (I shamefully forgot who, was it D. Todd Christofferson??) said that basically the most important truth we need to learn at the start of everthing is the nature of the Godhead, and that was one of the worst things that these days is all confusing. (BTW that talk is like crazy powerful for us as missionaries. Maybe when you heard it, it was just kinda normal, but for us it was like out of control because he explains super plainly like the basics of everyting and many of the things that a lot of people don´t have so clearly these days. read it again from the standpoint of a person with no or a mixed-up understanding of the Godhead.) So yeah. good times, yo.

Oh, also,
I have a formal declaration:
Thank you, that was a formal declaration against spousal abuse.

Um so yeah well I don´t have much esle I can say right now, but I always accept emails, letters mailed by snails, DearElders, and candy. 

I hope life is wonderful and you all are super happy and stuff because life is pretty cool and if you are sad you should stop being sad and think about how God doesn´t want you to be sad. IF that part isn´t super clear, go looking for some of the stuff that he has given you to make you happy. YEAH there is a lot, huh? just remember the lot and forget how sometimes stuff goes against you (or we just think it does because we can´t see the big picture like God does) because the good stuff is almost more plentiful, stronger, and super awesome.


Elmer Praff

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