Monday, September 30, 2013

It is hard to understand people who talk fast and have no teeth


Howdy y´all.

San Luis is going wonderfully. This area is crazy hills. Like we never walk more than ten steps on flat ground. we are always going uphill or downhill.  It is a workout yo but it is full of great people. 

This week was full of funny little stuff. Like when:
- We were having a district meeting with 6 missionaries in the chapel and proselyting Jehovah´s Witnesses came and knocked on the chapel door and started to try to Bible Bash with us. That sure was enjoyable.
- When we contacted some people and they invited us to come visit them and one of the daughters said, "Great, let´s kill a chicken!" CULTURE SHOCK I´m deffy not in Kansas or Utah or California or anywhere over there anymore
- This one 50 year old guy we were contacting said these words: "My mom is Catholic and bless her heart but since I have grown up I´ve come to realize that that is probably the most incorrect church out there." Then he started saying all this mean stuff and we had to stop him cause even like I was getting offended adn I´m not even Catholic. We were just like woah chill dude they are like super good people just calm down lets not just talk smack about them. But man it was also kinda funny I can´t lie. First and last time I will hear someone say that in this country haha

But otherwise it was a pretty good week of work. We are meeting a lot of new people and getting some progressing investigators. We´re praying for a marriage/baptism to go down on the 21st of September of the excellent family. Life is great!

Sorry I haven´t sent photos but all of the good internet cafes were closed and the one I´m at doesn´t work with my USB for some reason but it´s a work in progress. I have some pretty swell photos to send down your way.

I hope all is well and you are all doing great! Read the talk from Jeffery R. Holland from last conference! It´s sooooo goood!


Elder Frack (yep like nobody here can say my name either)

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