Monday, September 30, 2013


I don´t know why I like saying howdy so much I´m not even from the south or anything



I hope all is well in wherever you all are. Life here in Colombia is totally life in Colombia. Today during P´day we went down to Bogotá and were in a mall and it is a super new and nice mall and it was also like a really rich kinda mall and had a bunch of Gringo stores and I felt like I was in the USA again. They even had gringo music and I could speak english with one of my Latin homies. It was crazy. Then we got on the bus to go back up to San Luis and it was soooooooooo full (like people on top of each other full) and crazy and I totally had another "we´re-not-in-kansas-anymore" moment. But it still way cool. Colombia and the mission are a blast!

Well my life is cool right now. San Luis is a super cool branch with some really awesome people. The work here is moving along really well. We have transfers this next week and if they transfer me I am going to be super bummed because Elder Chauque and I have PLANS YO. We have these two awesome families that just have to get a bit more assurity (pretty sure thats spelled wrong) and (of course) get married (because we are in Colombia lol) and we will have two great families added to the branch here. We are kicking booties and takin names. Missionary work is a blast.

I am short on time this week but Ihope you all are doing great and I love you! If I find a blasted computer that works right one of these days I´ll send some photos! Ciao!!!

Elmer Plaff (I´m serious the people here call me this)

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