Monday, September 30, 2013


Saludos from....... San Luis!!! They didn´t transfer me nor my comp so we are still here working in the outskirts of Bogotá. It is hard sometimes because it is a town on the side of the mountain and we basically are hiking all day, but it is an awesome people and we have some great investigators.

- I am reading the New Testament still and am finding some cool scriptures. They are some burried gems here. Also, lots of really funn scriptures. Like Romans Chapter 14 verse 20 that says (I´m translating so the wording might be a bit different), "No destruyas la obra del Señor por causa de la comida." which is really really funny and actually has some uses, which is fun.
- We were standing outside yesterday waiting for a bus to come by and a dog urinated on one of our companions which was just about the funniest thing that has happened in my life.
- As missionaries, we have some rules like we can´t hug people (well women) and stuff like that and you know what, I think that is an absolutely great rule (especially when there are crazy ladies in your ward who come all up in your grill and you need an excuse to get them off and run away). That said, who doesn´t like a little hug now and then? SOLUTION: dogs. not the crazy dogs in the street, but the dogs of nice members of the ward and investigators who are little and nice and sit on your lap while you pet them and yeah. there are some precious little dogs here in San Luis and it is just great. And yes, you all have permission to laugh at me becuase I am also laughing at myself.
- speaking of dogs, wow there are so many dogs here. Like maybe more dogs than people. and everywhere. and they are annoying sometimes and do sketchy stuff. One bit my comp the other day (just a tiny tiny bit calm down mom) and the next day we went by there again and it came up to my comp so he kicked it in the face (and softly calm down everyone) and it hasnt bothered us since. Nor its buddies. sounds like they learned a lesson to not mess with the dudes in suits. Problem solved.

I feel bad for not having sent pics and you guys have no idea of what my life looks like here(well mostly because we took some wicked awesome pics that I am super proud of and well I want to brag). But today we finally found internet with a working USB port and I will be send some your way promptly. You´re welcome.

so lets all turn in our Book of Mormons- wait no its Books of Mormon- wait no its ummmmmmmmmmm

so lets all turn in our copies of the Book of Mormon to Moroni 7. Please read this chapter (whith special emphasis on the back half) placing special attention to the words Faith, Hope, Charity. These are 3 very special attributes of Christ (please see Preach My Gospel Chapter 6 for more info). Analyze these three attributes. Pay close attention to how we need to have these more in our lives, following the example of Christ. It is pretty crazy. Like we can do everything perfect, but if we don´t have charity, it doesn´t do us much good. Think of three ways in your life your are charitable. Keep it up. Think of three things (and specific things) that you could do to be a bit more charitable. Make plans to accomplish this goal. Do it. Pay attention to how good you feel after. Yeah. That´s right. It´s kinda hard to describe but you feel really good, huh? Wash, rinse, repeat, and pass it on. Make it a weekly process, this self-analyzation. Watch the blessings flow to you and others (maybe even to others through you).

I love you all and hope your lives are wonderful!!

Elmer Praff (now my name is a running joke and the other elders here and some members tell everyone that I am Elmer Praff and its just easier, they understand better so I let it go)

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