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Welcome to this weeks email.


- FIRST baptism in San Luis HOLLAAAAAA
- FIRST time I learned how to knit using two knitting needlezzzzz
- FIRST hillside fire while in Bogotá that almost shut down our access to the city (there was crazzzzy traffic on Saturday when we were going to the baptism and we eventually got off the bus and walked down the mountain so we could make it in time. We walked for like almost 2 hours and still got there before the people who stayed on the bus)
- FIRST time I accidentally went to Bogotá Sur because this crazy bus didn´t stop for like 45 minutes and took us like 2 streets outside of our mission limits (don´t worry we already talked to Pres lol)
- FIRST time duing my mission I witnessed an investigator get baptized and not get confirmed the next day (don´t worry it wasn´t our little Daniel - that kid is gold)
- FIRST other thing that I can´t remember but was crazy too

So yeah this week was pretty cool. Daniel is so great. he is only 9 but he is like powerful. this week we were teaching him and his family (who are almost ready to be baptized - pray a lot for Paola!) and he was like totally dominating the world and telling this one guy who was there that he needed to stop drinking and repent if he wanted to get saved and baptized and really repent. also he explained to his mom and grandma during the appointment the difference between the influence of the Holy Ghost and the gift of the Holy Ghost perfectly. HE IS SO GREAT ITS AMAZING. Also his recent-convert grandma is totally teaching me how to knit which is like the second most legit thing of my life. Im totally making a scarf right now.

- This is a formal invitacion to read the lyrics of the hymn, "I Stand All Amazed" and really think about it, not just think about how sometimes the hymn feels like it goes slow or how you sing it like twice a month in sacrament meeting. YEah. I knew your thoughts. But seriously. its soo good. like crazy powerful. Also the song "If the Savior Stood Beside Me" and pay attention to the line at the end of every verse that says, "...if I could see the Savior standing by, watching over me." He is ALWAYS there and ALWAYS watching and ALWAYS ready to help us and stuff. We just need to make sure we are doing our part. 

AND REMEMBER if there is disobedience it is because we don´t understand well enough or have the faith sufficient. Think about that a bit.

My time is short today but thought I´d senbd some pics, some love, and some appreciation. I hope life ins wonderful in (the place where you are)!


Elder Pratt

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