Monday, September 30, 2013


I am struggling to come up with good titles nowadays

This week was a week of lots of exciting little things. Here is a list of some exciting little things:
- I saw a mall cop on a Segway (or however you spell that) with training wheels. Instead of 2, it had 4
- I ate a burrito from Taco Bell, the second burrito I have had in 7 months.
- We almost had a precious baby dog of one of the members of the branch spend the night in our house but we decided not to - REVELATION cause we learned the next day it wasn´t potty-trained
- My companion has seen Space Jam and we spent like a half hour quoting it (and by a half hour I mean like 5 maybe 10 minutes but they were some spectacular minutes)

This week has also had lots of exciting little things about missionary work. Here is a list of some exciting little things about missionary work:
- We have a couple of investigators (Jair and Sandra) who are totally keeping their commitments with like the readings and pamphlets we leave them and they love the members of the church and ARE ALREADY MARRIED OH MY WORD ITS A MIRACLE they are so great it is like a sweet experience everytime we go teach them. Like how DC 88 says it, we don´t just teach and cool, but we are all spiritually edified.
- We have another investigator who is super cool and her mom just got baptized and her kid is getting baptized this week and she just decided to get separated from her abusive, alcoholic, live-in boyfriend and she is gonna progress more!
- Vanessa, the non-member daughter in a less-active family and sister of a girl in the branch who is leaving on a mission tomorrow, totally found out she has a testimony of the Joseph Smith and the restauration (im not sure if thats how you spell it in english and am embarrassed) and that is like a huuuuuuuge deal. It was a super crazy good visit.

LOVE EVERYONE. stop being haters and judging, yo. if you are going to be judging, do it at home alone on your on time. Read Mark 3:15-17 (I think thats the right reference). Jesus (aka the church and the Gospel) is for the sick, not the people who are perfect. We are all trying to get better, just in different ways soemtimes. Love everyone. I know sometimes its hard, but trying isnt going to hurt. In fact you might actually surprise yourself and love them a tiny bit. Try it. It is like super cool and makes everyone happier, that I know for sure. Help to gather those who maybe dont feel as loved. do something small, even a text or something, to show you are thinking about them and care. I triple dog dare you, so now you can´t back down or I will call you a woosy.


Sincerely, (this is like the 4th time in my life I am ending a letter with sincerely)
Elmer Praff


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