Friday, March 6, 2015


I am in Cúcuta!!! I love it here! I am in a part called San Martín, on a mountain neighborhood (almost pueblo) on one side of the city that is boardering Venezuela. It is GREAT here! The people are super cool and the ward is awesome! The area has been a bit dead lately, but we are working with some new people and are seeing a lot of progress! My new comp is Elder Dominguez, from Oregon (his parents are from Guatemala which makes officially Guatemala the country of origen of the majority of my comps (shout out to Dad and my bros in Guatemala)!!!
This week was full of so many experiences that were crazy! First of all, Colombia´s immigration offices didn´t want to give me the extension on my Visa, which would have meant that I was going to have to go home like tomorrow, at the latest maybe in 2 weeks which would´ve blown, but with my Colombian bargaining techniques and a lot of help from upstairs, I was able to convince the guy to give me the extension I needed so I can go home on the day planned! It was a miracle!!! There were soooo many prayers in that by our president and his wife and a bunch of my mission buddies here, and we are all just pumped! I know I need to be here!
So here in Cúcuta, the fruit is DELICIOUS amd cheap so the other day we went to tyhe market and I picked up a delish fresh mango and was suuper pumped to eat it. I cut it up and went crazy and ate the whole thing really fast. As I was cleaning the last bits of mango off of the skin to actually eat it ALL, I found a ..... (drum roll please)....... MAGGOT! It was a tiny little maggot, like maybe the size of a fat grain of rice. I´m pretty sure I´m not gonna die. I´m just trusting in Kelly Clarkson, if it doesn´t kill me, it´ll just make me stronger (or as colombians say, if it doesn´t kill you, it just makes you fatter) Also, now I have a good conversation starter for when I meet Bear Grylls.
In our Elders Quorum class on Sunday, the teach was talking about brotherly love and how we need to be really tight and close as a quorum. At one point he read the story of Abel and Cain toi show a crazy example of an extreme that we obviously wouldn´t do, but then show us how we might not kill our brothers, but we do sometimes do hurtful things and it was a sick lesson. At the moment of sharing that story and reading the scripture where cain says like, " what, am I my brother´s keeper?" all sassy-like, the teacher kind of jokingly asked one othe older (and more crazy guys in the class), " Would you be capable of kiling your brother?" all of us like giggled for a second quietly and the old guy cocked his head, closed his eyes a bit and sat there thinking a solid like 30 seconds (just imagine how the awkward silence made us all like laugh, then unconfortable, then laugh because it was so uncomfortabloe) and then said, "Well, it depends. If he..." and was going to start explain liek a serious situation about when he would need to kill his brother, but the teacher cut him off hahaha. Looks like I gotta stay on that gfuys good side haha
I love you all!!! Life is great!!!
Elder Pratt

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