Friday, March 6, 2015


well. we got to this point. this is my last week in the field. Next week I´ll be in meeting all week getting ready for the great death, but for now, here I am. it feels pretty weird, I can´t lie, I don´t like. I feel like I´m still not very concious of what is happening, I just like I know that at the end of this week there are transfers and I won´t be here in my area anymore, but leaving the country or not being a missionary, it hasn´t hit yet. We´ll see what happens. I feel like pretty normal I guess hahah.

This week was full of cool little experiences, from feeling the Spirit really guide and give the power of discernment to help a long-time investigator overcome a long-time issue, to seeing a new investigator with a lot of traditions accept the Book of Mormon wiht a desire to be baptized, to an investigator tell me to my face that I don´t have faith. I really feel like I´ve seen just about it all and I feel content. Some experiences are harder than others, but I feel happy with it all, I have learned and grown and I feel like I have helped others to do so too. I have one more week to levae it all on the court and I plan to do just that.

I love this place! Maybe I´ll get to say hi next week, but if I don´t just get over it because I´ll see you in person soon anyway hahah

I love you all!

Elder Pratt

PS 1

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