Friday, March 6, 2015


(paraphrased) QUOTE OF THE WEEK (courtesy of Russell M. Nelson, quoted by our stake President here in Cúcuta):  

Missionaries are called to bring joy to live the lives of all those who want to follow the Savior.

I love this!!!!!!! It is the best ever! And remember my friends, every member a missionary!!!

Oh yeah, also this week I passed the two year mark. weird. 

ummmm... well...

- I found a door that had a two way peep hole. It had two peep holes, one that went to one side of the door, and the other to the other side. WHY DON´T THEY JUST PUT A WINDOW
- A few days ago I ran into some guys from the ward next door and one of them was living in the same house as me when I started and he was pretty new too but was waiting to go to another mission and the other was in the MTC with me and went to another mission but they both already finished. weird.
- Meeting new people contacting everyday is sooooo fun/interesting. You meet all kinds of people. Yesterday we had like 3 quality conversations with guys who were like suuuper drunk on the street and had some good chats. Also they all love to practice their english on me when they´re drunk, it is ridiculously confusing because their english isn´t that great in the first place, aaaaaand they are plastered. But it´s fun, they´re always really friendly and generous hahah. Hopefully they go to church next week! 

I love life!

Elder Prattano maduro

PS 2

PPS (for silly teenagers) Having a Gringo comp has been a crazy experience so far. Many Latins just have like a different sense of humor that a sarcastic gringo teenager has and there are jokes that I think just don´t quite hit home unless you understand like silly gringo internet humor. this takes us to our SHAMEFUL QUOTE OF THE WEEEEEEEEK! (courtesy of Elder Dominguez):

"Black people are so soulful! It makes up for gingers..."

I would just like to publicly state that we gingers do have souls. We really do.

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