Monday, February 3, 2014


thanks Mrs. Carrey, fro making Christmas finally feel like Christmas. 

WELL This week was real interesting for it being Christmas and all, but more because like no one is home and ready to have appointments with us, which is a big bummer.  But we had some good times with some members and a few investigators along the way. FUN FACT Christmas Eve and Christmas here for most people (at least in San Luis) is not a family day, it is a day dedicated to alcohol and being in drunk parties in the street. Also, being passed out in the middle of the street Christmas morning. Sounds really special, right?  they tell me that the 31st is twice as bad. SKETCHYYYYYYYYYY we are just hoping that this year its not too bad and even more that the people we visit aren´t out there because that will be really really sad if we find them. Every cross your fingers for us!!!!

I don´t have anything more fun to tell you guys this week than some fun encounters with some drunk people and even funner encounters when other people yell at them for having yelled at us!!!!!! We have some angels here keeping watch over us, and we sure are thankful that one of them is a really cool and moderately scary hairdresser lady who is about 6 feet tall and big-boned (shout out to those who caught the Fresh Prince reference) and likes to yell at people when she has scissors and knives in her hands. GOOOOOOD times.

WELL so I like have to go but I just wanna us all to remember that the new year is a time of NEW GOALS so LETS ALL TAKE SOME TIME AND REFLECT and make some goals. And then not just throw them away or decide that I´ll never eat a whole chocolate cake again AFTER this last time. LEts all make some goals and stick to them, yeah? (And I´m not jsut talking about those "get fit" goals, I´m a missionary. you already know where I´m headed) And when you have set your goals, read Doctrine and Covenants 123:17 and find the things that are in your reach and do them the best you can the happiest you can and watch the change. PLZ


Elder Pratt

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