Monday, February 3, 2014


I am so BAD AT WRITING LETTERS the thing is I NEVER HAVE TIME AT INTERNET to do everything that I need to do. So. Today I will try to make up for it and write a little bitty note.

THERE WERE TRANSFERSSSS and now I am in a new area called Suba, but still here in the city of Bogotá. I have been in Bogotá a long time, and it is pretty cool. The city really is great. Suba has some ruraly parts, but its mostly like a, urbany place. There are some nice spots, some parts a bit less nice, but all in all its noce. A lot of apartments. a LOT of apartments. Bogotá is so crowded that they stopped building out, and just started building up. But its still pretty cool. I just get tired of breathing pollution sometimes hahaha.

 BUT my area is super cool. Elder Landa, my new comp, is super great and we have had some good success here so far and are hoping to have more. There are a lot of really great people here. The ward (I´m finally in a ward!!!! and we have a big chapel!!!!!) is good, but needs a push and some growth so we are working really hard. 

THIS WEEK I have learned SO MUCH about repentance and what it really is. It´s not just a thing that we do once, get baptized, and call it good. Nor is it something we do on Sunday during the Sacrament, nor is it somthing we talk about doing and never do. It is a real life thing that we need to do every day, because we make mistakes every day. We need to recognize them and do our best to change them ASAP so we can become better people. It´s crazy. Also, another fun fact: REPENTANCE IS NOT BAD. WE all think its bad at some point, or if we do it it means we are super hard sinners, or if we did it that we have a huge dirty past we can never leave. Repentance is a great thing that should make us happy when we hear about it. Just think about it. And then try it out. Its pretty much the best.

OKAY SORRY I have no time left. I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Pratt (people here can say my name a bit better, but its still a work in progress. most people say Prack hahah)

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