Wednesday, December 4, 2013



It was like the weirdest thing ever. It felt really unreal. Especially since the days after I spent with Elder Velazquez, another elder who´s comp went finished up the 2 years. Preeeeeetty weird. It feels like I should see him again in like a zone conference later on cause it was just a normal transfer, but it´s not really that simple. A major bummer. But it was good to get to know him and work with him for the time we had. But now transfers were this morning and I have a new comp!! His name is Elder NEWBIE CAUSE I AM TRAINING!!!!! 

JK his name isn´t Elder Newbie, just I don´t know who it is yet cause they get here tomorrow. BUT I AM PUMPED! I will have another kid and Elder Galleguillos will have a brother! Training was really fun and a great experience (I LEARNED SOOOOOO MUCH) so I am really excited!

SPANISH LESSON FOR THE WEEK: Baptize (the verb) in spanish is "Bautizar". Baptism (the noun) is "Bautismo." Everyone here says "Bautizo" and it is SO FRUSTRATING not really lol but like for real. We joke aobut it, saying that "bautizo" is the little flick-water-on-the-forehead thing and "bautismo" is the thing that Christ did. It is funny/obnoxious, especially when the people testify in Sacrament meeting about "bautizo" which totally doesn´t exist BUT ITS FINE.

So I don´t really know what to say aobut htis week. I totally got to eat turkey leftovers on Friday, which was cool. Thursday for sure was not a Gringo thanksgiving, but I totally ate turkey and mashed potatoes and stuffing (but the stuffing totally had the insides of an animal which isn´t too gringo but it´s all good) and then to top it off, they had nice gringo ice cream and PUMPKIN PIE. I haven´t liked pumpkin pie in like 10 years but MAN that was one delicious piece of pumpkin pie that I got. 

I hope everyone is doing great! Please, always remember to do the small stuff! Read your scriptures, pray at least 3 times a day on your knees, and do the little things to keep the Spirit in your life and keep him guiding you! Here are some powerful words of one of my buddies, Elder Salazar that he said during a district meeting this week: "Ignoring impressions of the Spirit doesn´t come from fear, it comes from pride. It comes from us thinking we know better, but we just simply don´t." Ouuuuuuuuch.


Elder Pratt

PS Lotsw of love to the Trounce family. Keep them in your hearts and in your prayers. We love you guys!

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