Wednesday, December 4, 2013


HEY SO I HAVE NO TIME BUT I thought I´d share some stuff:

Yuri got baptized!!!!! It was so great!!!! When she shared her testimony after, she like nailed it. Like a lot fo people just say they feel really happy (which is super awesome and spiritual, don´t get me wrong) but she like gave a 5 minute talk like teaching the doctrine of baptism. That morning, she also taught the entire Joseph Smith and First Vision and Restauration story to her mom. It was crazy. She is outta control. Ahhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh. So yeah, that was pretty much an awesome part of our week. 

ALSO so we had the Primary Program yesterday in the chapel and it was AMAZING. Daniel totally nailed it directing the meeting and playing his song on the violin. We were so proud of him. Also, the children were crazy cute and everyone cried when they shared their testimonies and it was great. One girl said "I know that Jesus Christ was baptized and that he went church every Sunday." Soooooo when you think about not going to church or something, just remember the words of this little girl. :)

ALSO in church, we had a lesson on service and the Elders Quorum President shared these inspired words: "Service is like peeing your pants. Everyone notices, but only one person feels that little warm feeling." So if you feel cold and want some warmth in your life, try thinking about serving. 

Sorry I don´t have more time. I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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