Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hello World

Why yes, that was a shout out to computer programers becuase even though I am a missionary, that doesn´t mean I´m not a nerd.

THIS WEEK was like crazy then normal then wacko (I haven´t used that word in a long time) then super chill. CRAZY THINGS THAT HAPPENED:
- WE FINALLY HAVE A BRANCH MISSION PLAN HERE IN SAN LUIS!!!!!!!! It took a loooooong time and a lot of pushing from us and from the stake (and from the Area Seventies) but we finally have one and we are pumped. We are hoping to be able to make changes here and help out a lot with the branch and not just with the investigators because if the branch is bad, it will be so hard to help retain all of these great people so WE ARE WORKING ON IT!
- SO word got out that I liked music and knew a bit (thank you, companion) during the branch council aaaaand I got two new assignments. I have to play piano in church next week (we have a like 20 year old keyboard that is awful and I am out of practice so this will be fun) aaaaaaaaaaaand the funnest part. So the primary program is in two weeks and Daniel, the 9 year-old who got baptized about a month ago, wanted to play violin in the program. The primary leaders said AWESOME, and said okay do it. then they told me that that was going to happen and I said cool and they asked me to go over there and help him a bit and I said um okay I don´t know abotu violins really but okay. That was a few weeks ago. Fast forward to yesterday. they tell me he hasn´t practiced or anything and get mad at me and I´m like woah you didn´t tell me when the program was, waht song, or like anything. So yesterday I had to go over and tune the violin (he has no idea how to do it and FUN FACT it is way harder than tuning a guitar, especially since I had never ever tuned a violin or played a tuned violin, but daniel knew the notes to tune it to), which I succesffuly did after a while, and then had to show him the song. We decided to got with "I Am a Child of God." I quickly learned that he knew almost nothing of how to play violin and can´t read music. I found out he took like 2 months of lessons about 6 months ago and never ever practiced. Also he is only 9. But he has a decent little ear so we went to work and I can now say that I am moderately proficient in playing violin (I had to learn so I could teach him) and he is getting better. Now I have to take like a half hour out of my day every day to give violin lessons to a 9 year-old. moderately annoying but also really cool at the same time. I hope I can keep developing this new-found hobby!!!
- Our Gospel Principles class on Eternal Marriage yesterday turned into a discussion racism during a 25 minute strech. And not even like any type of relevant racism at all (if such a thing existed). Just a straight talk on racism. At one point, after many failed attempts to gently fix the topic, my comp and I just straight took over the class to get us back on topic and stuff. It was cool I guess. (that was sarcastic)
. another investigator of ours has a baptismal date and she is so crazy awesome!!!!!!!!!!! and we have like 2 more on deck getting ready for baptism!!!!!!!!! and Paola is getting a bit better (also a bit worse at the same time but its a work in progress!)!!!
- This investigator of the other elders who is also a really good friend of ours totally escaped from the house of her abusive boyfriend after a crazy explosion fight and now she is safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The whole mission thing is like super crazy but also suuuuuper cool. I have learned so much about everything and it is crazy how you can apply God´s love and the Atonement of Jesus Christ in your life. Let´s remember what Alma 7:11-13 reminds us: Jesus didn´t just pay for our sins, but he suffered for our sins, afflictions, pains, temptations, and more so he could know how to help us when we need help. That is something that I have really learned a lot more and been able to experience as a missionary. There are a lot of things that stress us out as missionaries: people who don´t progress, people who are progressing but then get a big trial in their path, members who don´t come to church or aren´t living the commandments, and a lot more, but Christ died to help all of us out and to help us to keep moving forward how he knows we can. There is a line in Preach my Gospel that says something to the effect of when we feel the healing power of the Atonement in our lives and understand it better we WANT to share the gospel. We WANT others to receive the help that we have received, the same hope in Christ that we have found in our lives. It is soooooo true. Once we feel that change, we can´t help but feel like Lehi, desirous that our family and friends partake of the same fruit. We can´t help but feel line Enos, who prayed and worked so his friends and even his enemies could get a knowledge of the Savior like he got. We can´t help but go out and share what we know, even if it is just at first with our example. SHARE THE GOSPEL. There isn´t a joy greater in the world thatn knowing that you have helped others be happy and you will rejoice with them in this life and the life to come. Share with others the miracle that God has done in your life and help them to receive the same.

I love you all and hope that life is lovely!!!!!!!!!!

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