Wednesday, December 4, 2013


THIS has been a week of SERVICE. This week, my comp and I have done like almost 20 hours of service activities here in San Luis, and surprisingly all of them having to do with fixing roofs (or is it rooves...). Like three tiems this week we were over at the house of this investigator family helping them build tmore ceiling part of their roof, putting up cross bars and wood underneath the already place roofing sheets. It was fun and I learned a lot along the way. They were doing it in a pretty cool way so I was pumped. Then today (yes, during p-day) we went over to the house of our ward mission leader and helped him stucco his ceiling. That was really interesting because I had never done that before, but he taught me and now I totally know how to stucco someone´s ceiling with just the bucket and a little metal plate. Kiiiiinda felt pretty awesome to learn that, not gonna lie.

So San Luis, being an almost entirely illegal city/neighborhood (meaning the land-owning and building and all that good stuff is done totally without involving the government which totally makes the government unhappy) kinda has some problems with water and power sometimes. Like last week, the power in the whole city totally went out just like cause for like an hour. That happens once every few weeks. And we run out of running water in the house sometimes too which is cool. Just helps you learn some patience and to appreciate the little stuf, you know? But this city is awesome and I love it. There are some stellar people here and it is just wonderful. 

WEEKLY QUOTE: Refering to how some people choose to be unfaithful in their marriages and stuff, one of the members who we are helping come back to church said, "Don´t look around for fast food when the best food is in your own house!" I ALMOST DIED LAUGHING IT WAS AMAZING AND SHE TOTALLY GOT A HIGH FIVE AFTER SAYING THAT. If anybody knows my Aunt Ann, this lady is soooooo similar and I love it soooooo much. She is the best!

CRAY FACT: Chuck totally finishes his two years as a missionary and goes home in like 4 days. It´s weird. He is cool. We are gonna miss him like 10 bundles.

SO I totally don´t remember if I have told you all about Helen, but she is this investigator we have who is 19 years old and cool. We have like taught all of the lessons to her, sdhe understands them, but she was missing something. We came to the conclusion that that something was the Book of Mormon. She wasn´t really reading it too carefully and wasn´t getting a testimony of it. She liked a lot of waht we taught and already believed a lot of it anyway (including like the majority of the commandments which is spectacular) but she just wasn´t progressing like she could´ve. THE KEY - The Book of Mormon. She started to read a bit more carefully and pray a bit more. Se now has a much better understanding of it all, but we had a killer appointment with her the other day where she realized that she probably wasn´t putting the faith necessary to really receive an answer from God about the book, and therefore had doubts about everything else. PEOPLE EVERYWHERE: Read the Book of Mormon. Read it with a sincere heart and pure intent, really wanting to know if it´s real. Even if you have already received an answer or even if you think it´s true or even know it´s true, ASK AGAIN. HE WILL ANSWER YOU AGAIN. It is amazing. This book is the real deal. It is the most correct book on earth and will help a woman or man get closer to God by reading it. I know that simply because I have experienced it for myself. I invite you to do the same and see the difference.

FINAL THOUGHT: If you want different results, DO DIFFERENT THINGS.
BOOM that quote is money and shatters my mind everytime I hear it. So simple yet so true, am I right???


Elder Praff

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