Wednesday, December 4, 2013

In my dreams I`ll always see you soar above the skiessssss

My comp and I totally started singing the song from the movie Pearl Harbor this week. That movie is spectacular.


So I totally forgot to mention that I found a Gringo two weeks ago in this really rich part that is part of our area but like not at the same time. We went to visit some members and we were in the city and we totally found this guy with a rich deep southern accent and talk to him and he is from Tennesse and MAN it had been a long time since I had heard a nice southern accent. That was reallllly funny. BUT this week I FOUND ANOTHER. He is this kid from Florida (I say kid but he is like prob my age maybe older) and he didn`t speak any spanish so when he found me and my comp he came to us from a distance on the street yelling, "Hey man, what`s up???" like suuuuuper excited. It was his first day in Colombia. Precious Gem. Also He was also preaching the gospel- he is a Johevah`s Witness. But unlike a lot of people, he was like super friendly and pumped to talk about the stuff we have in common instead of trying to argue or fight, which often happens. It was cool. 

Second of all, I just wanna give a shout out to the girl from the HB Stake Girl`s Camp that sent me a note. I got it in one of our Zone meetings and totally made everyone jealous, saying it was from my girlfriend. If I knew who you were and was not like crazy far away, I would fist pump you.

Third of all, shout out to the 90s version of my brother Murray Pratt for totally coming to my mind this week when, while standing outside of a random house waiting for a bus, that one Sugar Ray song called "Every Morning" came on. That was a delicious blast from that past.

Fourth of all, we were in the house of a family we are trying to reactivate and I heard in the background from another room that song from Nacho Libre that is playing when they are going shopping and its the super funny song and yeah the grandma of the family was definitely watching Nacho Libre. It was pretty amazing.

OTHER FUN STORY so this crazy guy, who we met a few weeks ago when he crossed us in the street and pulled out the only words he knew in english to talk to me (aaaaaand one of the 5 was not a very nice word), totally snuck up on us the other day and was like "ooooooooOOOOOO I am the devil ooOOOOOOOOOOOO" and yeah then he followed us for a while and was like "no just kidding I believe in Jesus too" and was calling us other cool names. He does a lot of drugs, but it was like a totally cool story that I now just have with me which is cool. 

FUN FACT: When people get really mad about really silly things sometimes I think it is funny. I don`t know if I should feel bad about that, but sometimes it just is really funny. But don`t worry, I`m always classy about it. 

EVERYBODY so I had understood something cool this week that I think I hadn`t understood in the past. So there is this one line of Preach My Gospel in Chapter 8 that says something to the effect of, "Your attitude towards missionary work is directly related to your love towards Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and your understanding of the Atonement." IT IS SO TRUEEEEEEEE. I have realized that the times when the mission is really hard is when I don`t remember the Atonement, when I don`t remember the love that God has for me and I for him, and when I just forget about the importance of Jesus Christ in my daily life. When I humble myself and remember these things in my daily life, the mission is a joy. When I don`t, that`s when times get harder and the people we visit stop progressing. With this shared knowledge, I would like to throw an invitation. Pray more fervently, pray more sincerely, and really listen. Really think about how He is listening and how much He loves you. When you come to understand that love a little more, missionary work comes naturally. Sharing what you feel comes a bit more naturally and less scary. It is true. So, so true. Also, THE PRIESTHOOD HAS BEEN RESTORED. Just ponder how huge that is.

I LOVE YOU ALLL!!!!!!!!!!1111

Elder Pratt

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